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When you’re going to be out of the house for an extended amount of time, there are a number of options available for managing the health and well-being of your dog, cat, or other animals. You might want to bring them with you, ask a friend or family member to care for them, or consider boarding options. However, an in-home sitter in New York can allow your furry friend to stay in a familiar area and still get high-quality care, which is especially fitting for animals that are more anxious,. Here are a few services operating in and around Yonkers that can help you manage the happiness and safety of your pets while you’re gone.

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1. Pumkin Paws Pet Service

Serving species
Dog Cat
Food water Daycare Kennel boarding Mobile service Litter box cleaning Pick-up/drop-off

Pumkin Paws Pet Service has been servicing the areas of North Bronx and Yonkers for years. Although its address is technically in the Bronx, it’s just south of Yonkers’ city limits, making it the perfect location for anyone who lives in either area. With services including dog walking, in-home or host family boarding, cat care, doggy daycare, and even pet taxi services within Riverdale, Pumkin Paws is a great option for any dog or cat owner. They even offer GPS-tracked walks for full peace of mind.

2. Prima Donna Pet Services

Serving species
Dog Cat Bird Reptile Small Animal
Cage cleaning Food water Kennel boarding Mobile service Litter box cleaning Pick-up/drop-off

The main element setting Prima Donna apart from other pet services is the passion for animals that the owner, Donna herself, displays. She runs Lost PETS of Westchester, a Facebook page dedicated to helping people find their lost animals, and has years of experience caring for all kinds of animals. This experience is what allows her to care for dogs, cats, birds, exotic animals, and other small animals, including those with disabilities or medical concerns.

Prima Donna Pet Services is insured by Pet Sitters International and is part of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.

3. PAWS 4 US

Serving species
Dog Cat
Food water Mobile service Litter box cleaning Overnight in home stays

Since 2014, PAWS 4 US, which stands for Passionate Awesome Walkers & Sitters 4 Us, has been offering pet sitting, overnight care, and other services for animal lovers in and around Westchester County. Not only do they offer great services at affordable rates, but their rates are also subject to negotiation, especially if you’re a regular customer. They even offer general house-sitting services, as well as bath services for your furry friend.

Contact PAWS 4 US for more information about insurance and licensing.

4. Ruffly Purrfect Pet Services

Serving species
Dog Cat Reptile Bird Small Animal
Food water Mobile service Litter box cleaning Cage cleaning Overnight in home stays Pick-up/drop-off

Ruffly Purrfect offers two separate services: the Vacation Plan, which is designed for people who are going on a vacation and only need service during a specific time, and the Daily Plan, which is designed for people who just need an extra midday visit for their pets. You can also get nursing services for help with post-op and illness recovery for pets. Plus, established clients with Ruffly Purrfect qualify for other additional services, like nail trimming, pet transportation, supply purchasing, and more.

Ruffly Purrfect Pet Services is insured and bonded by Business Insurers of the Carolinas.

5. Dogs 'N Motion

Serving species
Food water Mobile service Pick-up/drop-off

This unique dog walking service is centered around ensuring that your dog has the activity and socialization they need. This service specializes in long nature hikes rather than short walks around the block, which helps your dog explore the natural world and socialize with other dogs. It’s the only pet care provider in the area specializing in giving your dog the active experiences they need to stay healthy.

Dogs ‘N Motion is fully licensed and insured. Contact them directly for more information.

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In-home sitters can be a great option for many pet owners who need someone to come by and check on pets while they’re gone. However, it’s also important that you get any behavioral issues or health concerns managed before you bring a sitter into the home. If you have any concerns regarding health or behavioral issues for your dog, cat, or other animals, book an online virtual care appointment with Vetster to get answers to all of your questions.

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