Best hotels that offer dog and cat lodging in Phoenix

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Travelling is a wonderful way to experience the country, and it can be so much more invigorating when you are able to bring a man’s best friend along for the ride. Finding a hotel in Arizona that will welcome you and your furry friend is not always easy, but there are hotels that are pet-friendly and will welcome well-behaved dogs to join their owners. These are some of the best pet-friendly hotels in Phoenix to check out.

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1. Hampton Inn & Suites Phoenix Downtown

Cat lodging Dog lodging 25 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Over 50 pound dogs Pet fee per night Pet cleaning fee Local parks

Located centrally in the downtown area of Phoenix, the Hampton Inn & Suites is a pet-friendly, high-quality hotel within easy reach of great dog walking spots, parks, and tourist attractions. Your pets will be comfortable in the spacious, air-conditioned rooms and exterior areas. You can bring two pets, cats or dogs, per room. There is a non-refundable $75 pet cleaning fee, and an additional pet fee of $75 per room for up to five nights. This fee increases to $125 for six nights or more. There are a number of great facilities, including a fitness center and a stunning dining area. Most well-behaved pets are welcome, but exotic or very large animals such as extra large dog breeds of over 100 pounds may be harder to house. If you have a giant breed dog, it is advisable to check with the hotel before booking to ensure there is a room suitable for such a large animal. Contact reception directly before you book to find out whether they can accommodate your pets and what extra fees will apply.

2. Kimpton Hotel Palomar

Cat lodging Dog lodging 25 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Over 50 pound dogs Local parks

In the very heart of Downtown Phoenix, the Kimpton Hotel Palomar is stylish, well-equipped, and pet-friendly. Whether you have a cat, a dog, or a small, caged animal, there is only a small fee to pay for bringing a pet with you. You can bring two pets of any size with you and the hotel is very welcoming. There are suitable pet relief areas around the property, too. This hotel is within easy reach of a number of local parks and landmarks, such as Heritage Square and the Arizona Science Center. Though green space is limited in the downtown area, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes that will welcome customers who have dogs with them, so you can explore the city with your canine companion if you wish.

3. Found:RE Phoenix

Cat lodging Dog lodging 25 pound dogs Local parks

Found:RE Phoenix is a contemporary and welcoming hotel in the center of Phoenix. Pet-friendly and well-equipped, this hotel welcomes well-behaved pets to stay with their owners. You can bring one cat or dog of up to 40 pounds with you per room, and there is no extra fee for doing this. Because it is in the heart of the city, the hotel does not have grounds for dogs to walk or relieve themselves, but it is within easy walking distance of green spaces and Margaret T. Hance Park. There is on-site parking, as well as a pool, gym, and free Wi-Fi, which will make the stay very comfortable for you.

4. Arizona Biltmore (A Waldorf Astoria Resort)

Dog lodging 25 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Over 50 pound dogs Pet cleaning fee Local parks

The Arizona Biltmore Resort is an ideal vacation retreat for pet owners who want to relax with their furry friends. This resort is pet-friendly and has sprawling grounds that you can take advantage of, especially if you have a dog with you. Well-behaved dogs are welcome to accompany their owners in communal areas, although you cannot take them inside areas where food is served or prepared. You can bring two dogs of any size to the hotel. There is a non-refundable pet cleaning fee of $150 per stay. The resort itself has a range of facilities, including five swimming pools, a bar, and multiple restaurants. This is a good place to bring your pet if you want to stay put and relax, and it is an easy drive to local malls and attractions, such as the Desert Botanical Gardens.

5. Hampton Inn Midtown

Cat lodging Dog lodging 25 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Pet cleaning fee Local parks

Within a mile of the Phoenix Art Museum and Encanto park, the Hampton Inn in Phoenix’s midtown area is pet-friendly, secure, clean, and offers a range of high-quality facilities, such as a pool and fitness center. You can bring pets up to 50 pounds. Cats and dogs are accepted here. There is a pet cleaning fee of $50 per stay. There are small outdoor areas where you can walk your dog or allow them to relieve themselves as long as you clean up after them. You can also walk to one of the nearby parks to give your canine companion some exercise.

Keeping your pet comfortable in a hotel

It can be stressful for our pets to travel, especially over long distances, and they may struggle to settle in a new environment. You can help your pet to settle into a new place by maintaining their routine as much as possible. For example, if you feed and walk your dog as soon as you wake up at home, try to do the same while staying in a hotel. Consistency and familiarity will keep your pet happy. If you have worries about your pet, however, don’t hesitate to book a virtual vet appointment with Vetster to get advice and support from a veterinarian.

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