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Whether you have a gigantic dog with lots of energy, a small dog who loves to bark, or any other type of dog in Virginia, one thing is the same: dogs love getting their energy out by running around and playing. This is where dog parks come in. Dog parks are locations, typically in local parks, where you can take your dog and allow them to play with other dogs. Oftentimes, they’re fenced in, creating an even safer experience. If you’re looking for Norfolk dog parks for your fur baby, here are five options to consider.

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1. Ballentine Bark Park

Off leash Drinking water available Dedicated areas Double entry and exit gates

Ballentine is known for being a quiet and well-kept neighborhood, which makes for quite the beautiful dog park, offering bowls, a toy bin, and plenty of spots to relax. Ballentine Bark Park was actually the first dog park in Norfolk to have individual sections for small and large dogs, which is one of the elements that has made it so popular. This is a great place for your dog to socialize with other dogs and have a great time.

2. Downtown Norfolk Dog Walk

Off leash Drinking water available Double entry and exit gates

Also called the Granby Street Dog Walk, this area was created in response to the growing pet population in Downtown Norfolk, which means it’s the perfect spot for dogs and their humans to visit. There are plenty of nearby dining and shopping options, which can make for the perfect day for a human and dog to enjoy together. It’s also open every day from sunrise to sunset.

3. Ghent Dog Park

Off leash Drinking water available Special dog friendly ground material Double entry and exit gates

Also referred to as the Stockley Gardens Dog Park, the Ghent Dog Park Association created this park in 2004, wanting to build the perfect place for their furry friends to enjoy themselves. Today, it maintains its position as a free dog park that anyone can visit in the downtown Norfolk area. This dog park offers plenty of amenities, including water bowls and toys. Additionally, the main running area is created specifically for dogs to enjoy running.

4. Lafayette Dog Park

Off leash Drinking water available Double entry and exit gates

This expansive dog park sits right next to a playground and offers a few different toys for dogs to play and interact with, making it a great option for locals who are excited to bring their dogs out. Additionally, the large trees and multiple benches mean that humans will also be happy to spend a little bit of time here with their dogs.

5. Bea Arthur Dog Park

Off leash Drinking water available Double entry and exit gates

Bea Arthur Dog Park is PETA’s dog park, named after the company’s late honorary director, and situated right next to the PETA headquarters. It offers a shaded picnic area, water station, and toy bin, and it backs right up to the Elizabeth River, although it doesn’t allow river access. It’s a great local option for people who are looking to find an area for their dog to play and have fun, with large dogs especially frequenting this park.

Make sure your dog really enjoys time outdoors

Most dogs love being outside, but if you want to make sure your furry friend loves it, it’s important that you know how to maintain your dog’s temperament. Maintaining a friendly dog allows you to take them out more frequently, avoid fights, and potentially even avoid citations. If you’re looking for some expert information about keeping your dog safe outside, book a virtual care appointment with Vetster to ask your questions.

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