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It’s always best to find local pet shops in Michigan that are founded and run by the people in your own community. If you’re looking to support your local businesses and want more personalized care for your pet, check out these amazing pet shops in Clinton Township. Not only will you find familiar faces, but you may also find exclusive pet products you can’t get elsewhere.

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1. Rocko’s Pet Shop

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Rocko’s Pet Shop is loved by the community for their generous discounts and fun events. They offer a wide variety of dog and cat food from different brands, so you’ll have little trouble finding your pet’s favorite food. Every month, Rocko’s hosts events, such as dog training classes, pet adoption fairs, and special sales. They also have bird toys and accessories, such as leashes, harnesses, and grooming supplies for dogs and cats.

2. Lou’s Pet Shop

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Lou’s Pet Shop has everything your pet needs, whether they’re a dog, cat, reptile, arachnid, or bird. Buy from all the most popular brands, As Lou’s carried everything from raw food to flea treatments to vitamins. Take advantage of their curbside pickup service and order from the comfort of your home. Need to trim your dog’s nails? Lou’s offers nail trimming services to keep your dog’s paws nice and groomed.

3. Parrotzville

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Parrotzville is half bird shop, half bird sanctuary where people can surrender parrots they’re unable to care for or buy bird supplies. Parrotzville advocates for healthy rehoming practices for birds. The workers there are extremely knowledgeable about parrots, so you’ll have little trouble getting guidance on what to buy for your feathered friend. They also offer boarding services, so you can leave your bird in good hands if you have to go away for a while.

4. K-9 Specialties

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K-9 Specialties is a small, family-owned store that’s served Michigan for nearly 40 years. While their speciality is in dog food and accessories, they also carry cat, rat, and bird supplies. They’re known for their affordable prices and providing their pet food in bulk. If they don’t have what you need, they can order it in for you. If you live in the area, consider asking about their frequent-buyer program which offers special discounts for repeat customers.

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You always know what to expect when shopping at a chain pet store because they always carry the same brands. However, when walking into a pet store, you may encounter unfamiliar products. This is good because local stores introduce you to amazing products, but sorting through the new variety can be confusing at first. If you have a good understanding of what your pet needs, you can make informed shopping decisions. Knowing what specific ingredients, medication, and materials your pet needs to live a happy life helps you pick the right products from pet store shelves. If you have any questions about what to look for when shopping at local pet stores, book a virtual vet appointment with a Vetster veterinarian.

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