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If you’re a pet owner in Massachusetts, you need a lot of supplies to take care of your pet. From basic supplies like pet food, treats, and toys, to more specific items like medication and grooming supplies, there are plenty of items a pet owner will need. Thankfully, there are many pet shops in Boston that can help you find whatever item you need. Here are some of the best ones to check out in the city.

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1. D'Tails Pet Boutique

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Located In Boston’s historic South End, D’Tails Pet Boutique offers pet supplies, including food, toys, and treats. Other than selling pet supplies, they also offer pet services, such as dog walking, grooming, and doggy playgroups. If you want to check out their services, make sure to bring your pet with you. Pets get complimentary treats during your visit.

2. Fish & Bone

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For years, Fish & Bone has been the go-to resource for pet owners. They offer handpicked, human-grade dog and cat food brands. All their products contain no artificial dyes, flavors, or preservatives, and contain no by-products. They also offer various types of pet food, like frozen, raw, wet, dehydrated, and dry foods. Other than food, they also offer pet clothing, beds, collars, and other accessories.

3. Polkadog Bakery

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Polkadog’s Shawmut Avenue location is home to the original Polka Dog Bakery. Like a candy store for pets, Polkadogs offers a wide selection of dog treats. All their treats are natural, handcrafted, and made with limited ingredients, so you know that they’re safe and healthy. They also offer doggy birthday cakes, as well as accessories, like collars, leashes, and toys. Most of their selections are geared toward dogs, but you can sometimes find cat supplies, too. If you’re planning on checking this place out, be sure to bring your pet with you. Your dog gets a taste test before buying.

4. Hungry Tails

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Hungry Tails specializes in healthy pet food and natural treats for your pet companion. They also offer treats, toys, and accessories. They carry grooming products that keep your pet healthy and cater to cats, dogs, and small animals, but also people, too. In this shop, you will find pet-themed accessories, like tote bags, water bottles, tumblers, and even scented candles.

5. The Pooped Pooch Pet Supply

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The Pooped Pooch is a locally owned business that offers various pet care services. They mainly have natural and holistic pet products previously unavailable in their area. They carry various brands and specialize in hard-to-find food pet products. They continually add new products in their store daily. If you can’t find a product, give them a call and they might be able to order it. Inside their shop, you will also find other pet accessories, like toys and treats. The Pooped Pooch also offers dog-walking services.

Shopping for your pooch in Boston

Boston is a pet-friendly city that is home to many households that have pets. If you want to shop for your pet companion, there are plenty of locally owned businesses to look into. Some of these locations are even visited by pet owners from outside the city! There’s something for everyone. If you’re in the mood for artisanal treats, make sure to check out Polkadog Bakery. If you want to multitask while you’re shopping, check out D’Tails to get your pet groomed while you shop. With all these options, picking the right item for your pet can be overwhelming. To get sound advice, consider booking a virtual vet appointment with Vetster. These veterinarians can advise you on the best pet supplies for your pet’s health, well-being, and happiness.

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