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There are many reasons to travel to Massachusetts, including visiting Boston. Known as one of the most historic cities in the United States, this city is mired in culture and beauty. It’s a great place to travel with your family, even your pets. Boston is full of pet-friendly locations. And if you’re looking for hotels, there are plenty that can accommodate both you and your pet. Here are some of the best pet-friendly hotels for your next trip to Boston.

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1. Element Boston Seaport District

Cat lodging Dog lodging Beds available Treats available 25 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Over 50 pound dogs Pets allowed unattended

Element Boston Seaport District Hotel is conveniently located two miles from Boston airport, across the street from the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, and near the Black Falcon Suite Terminal. Amenities include a fully equipped kitchen, a city view, an indoor pool, and a fitness center. Pets are allowed in Element Boston Seaport District. Dogs should not weigh more than 60 pounds, and a pet bed and treats are provided. There is no pet fee, and you are allowed to leave pets unattended in your room, but only two pets are allowed per room. Clean-up bags and bowls are also available, and there is a grassy area for pet relief on the property.

2. The Godfrey Hotel Boston

Dog lodging Local parks

The Godfrey Hotel Boston puts modernity and sophistication at the forefront. Step into their hotel and be greeted by their Gothic Revival façade. It is within walking distance of some of Boston’s most well-known boutiques and department stores and also near the Boston Opera House and the Boston Common. This hotel allows dogs and cats inside the premises and up to two pets per room. There is no size limit and there is no pet fee.

3. Club Quarters Faneuil Hall Boston

Dog lodging Beds available Treats available 25 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Local parks

Club Quarters Faneuil Hall Boston is in the center of Downtown Boston, and is within walking distance of the waterfront where you can take your leashed dog. This hotel also has a plethora of amenities, including a smart TV in every room and a full restaurant and bar. Dogs are allowed at Club Quarters Faneuil Hall Boston, but cats are not allowed. You can bring up to two dogs to your hotel room so long as they each weigh no more than 50 pounds. With their Pets Stay Free discount, you can get 10% off your room rate, pet beds, food and water bowls, and placemats. You can also get complimentary takeaways including leashes, treats, dog bag dispensers, and access to dedicated pet-friendly guest rooms.

4. Fairmont Copley Plaza

Dog lodging Beds available Treats available 25 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Over 50 pound dogs Local parks

Fairmont Copley Plaza isn’t just pet-friendly; loving pets is part of its identity. Their Canine Ambassador program, which has run for more than 20 years, “employs” dogs to greet guests and accompany dog owners who are missing their pets. Fairmont Copley Plaza is also across the street from Boston Barkery, a pet boutique and bakery, and three blocks away from ONYVA, a luxury grooming spa. If you use their Very Important Pup (VIP) Perks, you will also get discounts at nearby bakeries and grooming services, as well as water bowls and pet beds.

5. The Eliot Hotel

Cat lodging Dog lodging 25 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Over 50 pound dogs Pets allowed unattended Local parks

The Eliot Hotel is located in a Neo-Classical Georgian building and has been in business since 1927. The Eliot Hotel is pet-friendly for both cats and dogs. You are allowed up to two pets per room, and there are no size restrictions. Pets are allowed to be left unattended in rooms, but they should be in a crate. The property does not have a grassy pet relief area, but there is a grassy area across from the hotel.

Traveling with your pet to Boston

Finding hotel accommodations can be a headache, especially when you want to bring your pet with you. Thankfully, Boston is a pet-friendly city with lots of hotels that can cater to your furry friend. If you want your pet to have a premium hotel experience, book a reservation with Fairmont Copley Plaza. If you want to be near important landmarks, check out Element Boston Seaport District. Remember to bring your pet’s vaccine records and ensure that they’re up to date. If you’re having trouble, book a virtual vet appointment with Vetster. These veterinarians can swiftly ensure that your pet is fit to travel.

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