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When you own any kind of pet in New York, you’ll need to buy pet supplies. While the type of pet supplies you need may vary significantly, there are many locally owned pet shops where you can find all kind of supplies. No matter what kind of pet shop you’re looking for or what supplies you need to get, here are a few shops in and around Albany that can help you.

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1. Benson's Pet Center

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Benson’s Pet Center is an independent chain of pet supply products that has been in business since 1992. With locations all across New York, including Albany, Benson’s Pet Center always makes it easy to find what you’re looking for in an encouraging and welcoming environment. They also provide a loyalty program. They are looking to add self-serve dog washes to all their locations so they can provide even more services for their customers.

2. Healthy Pet Center

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Healthy Pet Center has over two decades of experience serving Upstate New York and believes in putting health first. They provide high-quality pet foods, including a variety of different brands for all kinds of animals. You can get supplies for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, and small animals. Additionally, Healthy Pet Center provides grooming, adoption, tag engraving, and even DIY baths for your dog.

3. Henry Loves Betty

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Henry Loves Betty offers a variety of services. You can find doggy daycare, dog walking, dog boarding, and grooming services, and they also manage a small boutique where you can purchase a variety of dog and cat products. If you’re interested in pampering your dog or cat with some specialty products, Henry Loves Betty is the perfect spot to check out.

4. The Pampered Pooch & Pals

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The Pampered Pooch & Pals describes itself as a neighborhood pet center and not just a pet store. Here, you can find pet baths, full-service pet grooming, general pet supplies, dog training, and doggy daycare. In short, they have everything you need to make sure your dog, cat, bird, fish, small pet, reptile, or even horse is happy and healthy. It’s the perfect place to shop for all your various animal needs.

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No matter what kind of pet you have, it’s important that you get the right pet supplies. However, to get the right pet supplies from these stores, you should make sure you know what supplies are best for your pet. Book a virtual vet appointment with Vetster to get more information about your pet’s health, well-being, and the best supplies you can buy.

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