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In Ontario, dog parks are one of the best ways for dogs and their owners to spend extra time outdoors in an environment that’s more attuned to a dog’s needs. Especially if you live in an apartment or a house that lacks outdoor space, a dog park is a great place for dogs of all sizes to run around and enjoy themselves. Here are some great Mississauga dog parks to check out yourself.

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Please note: The following information was correct at the time of publication but may have recently changed. We recommend contacting the business you are interested in visiting to ensure your pet can be accommodated.

1. White Spruce Leash Free

Off leash Drinking water available Dedicated areas Double entry and exit gates

Slightly north of Mississauga, you’ll find the White Spruce Park, which offers a leash-free area for dogs of all sizes. There is a general play area and a specific area for small or timid dogs, making it a great option for anyone who needs their dog to have their own play space. Plus, it’s very big, making it ideal for larger dogs who might enjoy running around more.

2. Iceland Arena and Sports Park (Parkway Belt Dog Park)

Off leash Double entry and exit gates

Just next to the Iceland Arena and Sports Park, you’ll find Parkway Belt Dog Park, a beloved area for dogs and their owners to visit for a great experience. With a paved pathway leading inside, chain-link fencing all around the park, and trees that have been planted since 2013, the Parkway Belt Dog Park is a great solution for dogs who are looking for some extra socialization and outdoor time.

3. Totoredeca Leash Free

Off leash Drinking water available Dedicated areas Water feature

Often called simply “Toto” by locals, this leash-free area is an exciting 3.5-acre space that offers a variety of interactive options for dogs and their owners. From spring to fall, there is a seasonal agility equipment area as well as water access, and the trees planted around the park provide shade in the summer and wind protection in the winter. Plus, there’s a separate section for small or timid dogs.

4. The Riverwood Conservancy

Water feature

The Riverwood Conservancy offers public gardens and gardening programs in Riverwood, one of the most ecologically diverse communities in Mississauga and beyond. This volunteer-based program is great to visit for a variety of reasons, including the beautiful nature, the gardens, and more. The dog-friendly atmosphere is a great reason to visit with your dog. Just remember that the area requires leashes, so you’ll want to bring a leash if you’re taking your dog.

5. Jack Darling Memorial Park

Off leash Drinking water available Double entry and exit gates Water feature Dedicated areas

While not all areas in the Jack Darling Memorial Park are available for off-leash dogs, the Jack Darling Dog Park is an off-leash park, and it’s one of the most beloved places in Mississauga for dogs. This leash-free zone covers a whopping 22 acres, and there’s even an area for small dogs to enjoy time by themselves. Additionally, it leads right out to the beach, so dogs who love playing in the water can enjoy the area.

Get outdoors and enjoy yourself

Mississauga is a beautiful city, and if you’re interested in getting outside with your dog, it can be a great idea to visit a local park. Whether on a leash or off-leash, visiting a park is a great way to socialize your dog and experience the outdoors together. However, it is important that your dog already has a bit of socialization experience, especially if you’re hoping to get your dog off-leash. If you have questions about how to manage behavioral concerns and experience the outdoors more effectively, book an online virtual care appointment with Vetster to get answers.

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