Taylor May
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Taylor May

Éducateur de santé Vetster

Taylor est un Technicien ce qui les empêche de prescrire des médicaments et de diagnostiquer les conditions. Si vous pensez avoir besoin de ces services, veuillez au lieu rechercher un vétérinaire. À propos des types de rendez-vous.

L'information professionnelle

Veterinary Technician, RVT
À propos du vétérinaire

Hello pet parents! My name is Taylor, I am a RVT from southwestern Ontario who loves animals of all sizes!

I have been a Registered Veterinary Technician for 3 years and have been working in animal medicine for 6 years. I have a wealth of experience in small animal medicine, large animal medicine, Equine medicine, nutrition and rehabilitation. I am currently finishing my Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner certification from the university of Tennessee, in addition to continuous canine and feline nutrition CE.

I have a passion for helping pet parents sort through the nutrition maze out there from home made diets, pet store diets to veterinary Rx diets. In addition to this, client education on senior pet care and comfort is incredibly important to me and a true passion I would be honored to help you with. Weight loss consultations in addition to diet may include strength and rehab suggestions depending on your pets needs. Pocket pet environmental enrichment and balanced nutrition talks are important to me as rabbits, Guinea pigs, rats ect. are just as important companions to many. As a certified groomer in addition to a RVT I am happy to discuss at home grooming advice with you as well.

My personal furry/slimy/feather family includes; Callie the Labrador retriever, Rusty the cardigan corgi, Nymeria the domestic short hair feline, Kiara the savannah cat , Khalessi the Bengal, Willow our Flemish giant rabbit , axolotls and a back yard flock of pet chickens.

North Huron , ON , CA
Fuseau horaire: America/Toronto
Langues parler
  • English
Expérience avec
  • Chats (Féline)
  • Chiens (Canin)
  • Petits mammifères
  • Ontario, CA
Sujets conseilables
  • Conseiller sur la nutrition du nouveau bébé à l'animal de compagnie senior
  • Optimiser votre nouvelle expérience de chiot ou de chaton
  • Trucs et astuces sur les techniques de toilettage
  • Entraînement, formation de maison et formation de boîtes pour les animaux de compagnie

Vétérinaire en ligne et services virtuels de soins pour animaux de compagnie disponibles à la demande.

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