Jennifer Vander Kooi
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Dr. Jennifer Vander Kooi


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  • Veterinarian, DVM
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I've had animals as an integral part of my life since a very young age. I am a quasi-farm kid. I grew up with cows, horses, sheep, farm dogs, and barn cats. My family bred purebred dogs. Veterinary medicine as my career choice was not a huge surprise given this and my ability to excel in the sciences in my early education. I did my veterinary prep/undergrad at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College(an affiliate of the prodigious Dalhousie University). I was accepted into the Atlantic Veterinary College where I graduated with my DVM in 1993 and entered practice as a mixed animal veterinarian in rural Saskatchewan. I chose this practice because I knew I would gain exposure to everything. I worked with the typical farm animals and the not-so-typical ones like llamas and alpacas. I saw pet reptiles and small exotic mammals in addition to cats and dogs.

I left mixed animal practice in favor of companion animal practice, which has been my focus for the past 22 years. I've never worked in an area that had a dedicated emergency hospital so I have always worked my day job and then covered emergencies in the after-hours in cooperation with my colleagues. This has given me years of experience and perspective to understand what can be handled via a conversation and what needs hands-on veterinary care.

We may be able to handle your pet's issue(s) in our session, but it may be in your pet's best interest to have them seen and treated in a veterinary facility. We might discuss behavioral concerns from a cat's inappropriate peeing places to a puppy destroying everything in sight. I can help you with the pet itching themselves insanely or won't stop shaking its head. Is your older pet having difficulties getting around or struggling with knowing if it's time to say goodbye? Have questions about pet diabetes or other hormonal diseases? I can help you.

I have experience as an orthopedic surgeon and a soft tissue surgeon (everything from lumps and bumps to broken bone repairs). I am familiar with surgical complications and owners' concerns after surgery to help guide you. Chemotherapy is often done in my regular practice, so I can likely assist you with any concerns you may have or know when you need to see/speak to your pet's oncologist

Let's put this newfound openness and willingness of my profession to use telemedicine to good use.

I look forward to chatting with you.

  • Thunder Bay, ON, CA
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  • English
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  • Chiens (Canin)
  • Chats (Féline)
  • Petits mammifères
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  • Fin de vie/soins palliatifs
  • Comportement
  • Dentisterie
  • Urgence
  • Oncologie
  • Orthopédie
  • Médecine légale
  • Dermatologie
  • Alimentation
  • Prévention
  • Tissus mous
  • Tériogénologie
  • Endocrinologie
  • Cardiologie
  • Anesthésie
  • Radiologie
  • Ontario, CA
  • Consulter sur l'alimentation, la nutrition et l'exercice
  • Consulter sur la santé et le bien-être en général
  • Consulter sur les soucis de comportement
  • Conseiller sur la nutrition du nouveau bébé à l'animal de compagnie senior
  • Optimiser votre nouvelle expérience de chiot ou de chaton
  • Trucs et astuces sur les techniques de toilettage
  • Entraînement, formation de maison et formation de boîtes pour les animaux de compagnie

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