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SYMPTOM DOG Eating Feces (Coprophagia) in Dogs

Coprophagia describes the behavior of eating feces. While distasteful to humans, this is a relatively normal behavior for dogs. There are a few medical causes which include malnutrition, Cushing’s disease, cognitive dysfunction, and anxiety

· 3 min read
SYMPTOM DOG Bowel Incontinence in Dogs

Canine bowel incontinence is the inability to control defecation. Incontinence is distinct from inappropriate elimination or house-soiling, in that the bowel movements occur without the dog’s awareness.

· 3 min read
CONDITION DOG Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety occurs when a dog develops a disproportionate fear or agitation in response to being separated from their owners or housemates.

· 9 min read
CONDITION DOG Obsessive Compulsive Disorders in Dogs

Obsessive compulsive disorders are uncommon in dogs and characterized by repetitive behaviors so intense they are difficult to interrupt and interfere with daily life.

· 6 min read
CONDITION DOG Anxiety Disorders in Dogs

Canine anxiety disorders are characterized by disproportionate fear in response to stimuli that are not dangerous. Examples include storm phobia and separation anxiety.

· 7 min read
CONDITION DOG Noise Aversion in Dogs

Noise aversion describes a true phobia (mental disorder) triggered by a particular noise or loud noises in general. It affects approximately 30% of dogs.

· 6 min read
SYMPTOM DOG Pica (compulsive eating of non-food items) in Dogs

Pica is an uncommon, abnormal behavior where dogs will obsessively or habitually consume non-food items such as rocks,

· 4 min read

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