How to support animals and veterinarians in Ukraine

How to support animals and veterinarians in Ukraine - Vetster

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, millions of Ukrainians have been displaced — and so have their pets. We want to do our best to support the people affected by the war by offering aid to organizations helping their animals.

No one should have to flee their homes, not knowing what will happen to their pets. No pets should be put through the trauma of war. We found a few incredible organizations who are on the ground helping Ukarainians and their pets. We’ll be making a donation. Will you?

Humane Society International

The Humane Society International has partnered with the Red Cross to offer necessary support, including emergency funds, to groups that are helping the Ukrainian people and the animals in their care who have been devastated by Russia’s military invasion. They’re accepting urgent donations to help those most in need.

Animal Food Bank

Animal Food Bank is a volunteer-run organization dedicated to helping animals. Nicole Frey and her team have built a fund and are reaching out to animal welfare organizations and shelters on the ground in Ukraine. They’ve got a number of fundraising initiatives on their website, as well as a list of other organizations doing great work in Ukraine.

Veterinarians Without Borders

Veterinarians Without Borders is an incredible organization that works to bring veterinary care to animals around the world where care isn’t easily accessible. They’re running a fundraising drive to support shelter animals in Ukraine to transport food and provide support to animals in need.⁠

Network For Animals

The Network for Animals, which crusades against animal cruelty around the world, is currently supporting several small rescue organizations in Poland and on the ground in Ukraine to help rescue, transport, and provide food and medical care for pets. There is currently a need for money to continue to support transport efforts.

Four Paws International

Four Paws International, a global animal welfare organization, is providing on-the-ground support to rescue and provide shelter for animals who’s safety has been compromised in Ukraine. Their rescue efforts include zoo animals, bears, and horses.

Even small financial donations can make a huge difference in this ongoing crisis. If you can give, please do. And research the organizations to ensure they’re going to the correct places. You can also offer support by spreading awareness about these organizations and starting a fundraising drive with your colleagues, friends, and family.

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