Introducing the Vetster Mobile App - Vet Care on the Go!

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Introducing the Vetster Mobile App - Vet Care on the Go! - Vetster

You asked and we answered! The five-star rated Vetster experience you know and love is now available in our new mobile app.

Pet owners can download the app today from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It comes jam-packed with incredible features making it easy for you to connect with a veterinarian and take care of your pet.

With Vetster on your smartphone, pet owners have confidence that no matter where they are, or what time it is, they can speak to a licensed veterinarian,” said Mark Bordo, CEO and coFounder, Vetster. “Our customers tell us each week how Vetster veterinarians saved their pet, delivered a positive seamless experience, and made caring for their pet more convenient. The mobile app makes Vetster even more convenient.

Check out our video!

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Thousands of Licensed Veterinarians

We believe choice is important. We want you to select the licensed veterinarian right for you and your species of pet and the health care you need. We verify all veterinary licenses and approve them for our platform. Rest assured, Vetster veterinarians are top notch!

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Anytime, Anywhere

With Vetster’s mobile app you can have an appointment at home or hit the road, head to a campsite or relax at the cottage without worry. For our rural animal caregivers and homesteaders, the mobile app makes it easy to connect with a vet when travel isn’t possible. And our 24/7 availability means you can connect with a vet any time of day.


High Quality Video

Vetster veterinarians want to get to know you and your pet. By using our mobile app you can easily maneuver the phone to introduce your pet - even if they’re under the bed, on your lap, or in the barn. It’s much easier than using a laptop!


Cost Confidence

No surprises here. With pre-set pricing, Vetster clients know the exact cost of their appointment. Prices start at $55 USD / $65 CAD and are established by the veterinarian.


Prescriptions Shipped to Your Home

Our new VetsterRx Online Pharmacy (available in select markets) makes it even easier to get comprehensive care for your pet. If your Vetster vet prescribes medication during the appointment, VetsterRx makes it easy to purchase in-app and have it shipped to your preferred location in 2 business days.


For now, this service is available exclusively to Vetster customers in the US. Prescriptions provided by Vetster veterinarians in Canada can be fulfilled at your local pharmacy. Please note: Online prescriptions are not guaranteed. They are regulated by state and provincial law and may not be available in your area.