Introducing VetsterRx Online Pharmacy

Introducing VetsterRx Online Pharmacy - Vetster

There are a lot of things to consider as a pet owner. You become an expert in your pet’s breed, unique personality, and guardian of their health. At Vetster, we are dedicated to making caring for your pet’s wellbeing a top-rated experience that’s convenient and accessible.


Today, we are jumping for joy to introduce VetsterRx Online Pharmacy for our American customers. VetsterRx Online Pharmacy gives pet owners a simple, convenient and trusted way to obtain prescriptions at home. Now, when your Vetster veterinarian determines a prescription is needed, it can be purchased within the Vetster app and shipped directly to your home within two business days. It doesn’t get any easier!

The VetsterRx Online Pharmacy has nearly a thousand medications that can treat ailments such as parasites, urinary tract infections, skin infections, eye issues, pain or limping, and dental care.

How VetsterRx Online Pharmacy Works:

  1. During your appointment, your Vetster veterinarian may determine your pet needs a prescription as part of your pet’s health plan.
  2. If a prescription is needed, your Vetster veterinarian will prescribe medication within the Vetster platform during your appointment
  3. You will be notified when the Vetster Veterinarian finishes prescribing, and be directed to your prescription dashboard found within your account.
  4. Add the meds to your shopping cart and pay seamlessly through the app.
  5. Prescriptions will be processed and shipped to you in two business days.
  6. If refills are provided by your Vetster veterinarian, you can visit the prescription center to reorder them when needed.

Check out VetsterRx Online Pharmacy on our new mobile app! For more on the mobile app features, check out our latest video.

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