Introducing Veterinary Professional Liability Insurance, Product Updates & Industry News

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Introducing Veterinary Professional Liability Insurance, Product Updates & Industry News - Vetster

Vetster $5M Professional Liability Insurance

In the rare event that a pet owner misinterprets your advice or the advice you provide negatively impacts the patient’s wellbeing, Vetster has your back!

Maintain confidence in your practice of online pet care through Vetster’s $5M CAD Professional Liability insurance coverage. Offered at no cost to every Registered Veterinary Technician and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in good standing on Vetster.

Key points

  • Available to every Technician and Veterinarian on the platform
  • Offered across North America
  • Unmatched in the online veterinary care industry

How you're protected

  • You are eligible for coverage if a pet owner makes a claim against you. For example, in the event your medical advice accidentally resulted in the harm or death of that pet.
  • You are eligible for coverage if a fellow veterinarian makes a claim against you. For example, if the advice provided to a pet within a pre-existing VCPR is deemed negligible.

What's not protected

  • Nefarious advice provided intentionally to the pet owner.
  • Instances of practicing beyond your scope. For example, a Technician diagnosing a medical condition; a Veterinarian providing a prescription in a state that does not recognize the establishment of a VCPR via telemedicine alone.

Consult with Confidence. Vetster has you covered.

Flat Rate for Veterinary Technicians

At Vetster, we’re passionate about creating quality experiences for both pet parents and our partners. To reflect the value provided by Veterinary Technicians, all Technicians will invoice a flat rate for appointment on Vetster.

What you can expect from us...

Our support team is busy preparing a variety of helpful resources to get you ready for appointment bookings through Vetster. Be on the lookout for ample training videos, how-to guides, and webinars coming shortly.

We love your feedback!

We’re continuing to make quick progress on the product as we gear up for launch. We sincerely appreciate your ideas, feedback and comments regarding the functionality you’re looking for, so please keep us updated on every thought that comes to mind!

Vetster is looking for more partners!

We are still looking for veterinary professionals across North America to join Vetster. Do you know any colleagues, peers or friends who may also be interested in telemedicine, earning additional income and improving their work-life balance? Refer them to Vetster today! Forward this link or share it online!

We’re always here to help and answer any questions you may have. Please visit our Help Centre or schedule some time with our Customer Experience Manager, Lauren, if you have any questions.

COVID-19: An update from the College Of Veterinarians of Ontario

October 8, 2020 - At this time, the College is maintaining its decision to not strictly enforce certain provisions or our regulation (section 33.(1) (b) of Regulation 1093) pertaining to prescribing via telemedicine. Until otherwise directed, veterinarians may prescribe a non-controlled drug using telemedicine alone within a veterinarian-client-patient relationship. This is an option in cases where they have not conducted an in-person examination of the animal, and where they deem the medication is necessary and prudent in their professional judgement (CVO, 2020).