Using Vetster for Your Clinic

Using Vetster for Your Clinic - Vetster

Odds are good you’re no stranger to telehealth, having used email and phone calls to follow-up on your patients.  Vetster makes it easy to incorporate virtual care into your clinic and the work you’re already doing.

The Vetster platform offers clinics turnkey access to all the benefits of veterinary telehealth with video, photos and file sharing, and synchronous virtual care visits that allow for optimal communication that’s preferred by both pet owners and veterinarians.

When you utilize Vetster to provide telehealth services to your clients, you’ll enjoy:

  • Operational efficiency
  • A solution for overflow
  • A more flexible work schedule
  • Improved work/life balance
  • A new revenue stream
  • Monetization of traditionally uncompensated services
  • Better client communication and increased client satisfaction
  • Better patient follow-up

Today’s pet parent wants virtual options

Millennials are currently driving the veterinary care market, and many of them view their pets as their children. They want to do all they can to take the best care of their pets possible, and that includes avoiding stressing them out with a trip to the veterinary office unless it’s necessary. They’re also digital natives who want instant help and access to information. In today’s market, clients would also like to establish a relationship with “their vet”, and regular check-ins and ongoing communication are critical for that. Setting aside virtual office hours to meet these needs lets you operate more efficiently by saving in-clinic time for those patients who really need it. Letting your clients know when and how to find you on Vetster will also help you stand apart.  Simply provide your clients with your veterinarians’ unique booking links so they can easily book at a time that works for them.

Clients find a virtual care visit from home is a convenient supplement to in-person care for:

  • Follow-up appointments
  • Wellness care consultations
  • General advice
  • Nutrition and weight loss counseling
  • Behavioral consultations
  • Post-op check-ins
  • Reordering prescriptions and diets
  • … and more

What’s good for clients is also good for your clinic

Making these types of visits more convenient for your clients allows you to see them more regularly. Not only does this provide you with a new revenue stream, this in turn helps pet owners improve the care they provide to their pets. Since you’ve already established a professional relationship with your existing clients, the world of telemedicine is fully open to you, including the option to diagnose and prescribe when appropriate.


Vetster makes it easy for you to promote the virtual aspect of your practice, guiding clients to your vets’ own personalized landing pages with photos, bios, and their very own calendars to accept bookings. Vetster also provides your clinic with simple tools to promote virtual appointments on handouts, posters, advertisements, and more. You also have the option to provide your existing clients with a discount!

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Be compensated for your expertise and time

Veterinarians frequently end up putting in long hours providing follow-ups and other forms of client communication, usually off the clock. We encourage you to empower yourself with the tools available to you! When your clinic books these types of client contact on Vetster, you can meet your clients’ needs in a more convenient manner for everyone while also making sure you are compensated for your veterinarians’ expertise and time.

Provide your clients with continuity of care

Vetster medical records from completed appointments can be downloaded with a single click. This makes it easy to capture critical information for your in-clinic records and also facilitates information sharing with your client or other clinics. Providing continuity of care is critical for optimal patient outcomes as well as a great client experience, especially with the way modern clients utilize a healthcare team with primary care, emergency, specialty, and virtual practice.

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Overwhelmed? Let Vetster handle it

Referring your overflow to Vetster during at-capacity times is easy. Whether you are too busy to take on new clients, or you are booked solid and are prioritizing urgent cases, Vetster can help you. When your clinic refers overflow to Vetster, your clients can talk to a veterinarian in a timely manner and you can earn passive income. Let us know how you’d like us to help, and we’ll have a solution, whether you want to direct your overflow to your own internal, telehealth-dedicated veterinarian, a known and trusted Vetster partner, or leave it up to your clients to choose from the thousands of qualified veterinarians across our platform.

Vetster for Clinics

Our Vetster for Clinics program is ready to go to work for you. We’re standing by to tailor a solution to help you meet your goals and generate a new revenue stream for your clinic. We can take care of your overflow for you, while still keeping you in the loop with appointment tracking and automated records sharing. Alternatively, you may opt to refer your overflow or after-hours triage to your own internal veterinarian, or work with one of our known and trusted partners.

Vetster is built with veterinary clinics in mind

Seeing your clients and patients in the comfort of their own homes fosters good communication and bonds them to your practice. Setting aside a dedicated time for these consultations allows both parties greater flexibility and opportunity to focus on the conversation, all while allowing veterinarians to be compensated for their time. Referring overflow to our Vetster for Clinics program ensures your clients can get timely access to a veterinary consultation while also generating revenue for your clinic.  The overall result of using Vetster to supplement your brick-and-mortar practice is helping pet owners improve the care and well-being of their pets.

Virtual care on Vetster is also a great way to decrease barriers in access to care.  When you make virtual care an option for your clients, you have an opportunity to improve the health and well-being of pets who might otherwise not have access to care.

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