Optimizing your presence on Vetster

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Are you looking to expand your client base and maximize your impact on Vetster? Follow these tips to increase your visibility to potential clients.

Increase availability during peak hours

Being available during high-demand times such as evenings, overnights, weekends, and holidays when clients are searching is key to being booked. By expanding your schedule to include these periods, you increase the likelihood of getting booked by pet owners seeking timely assistance for acute needs.

Keep your availability up to date

Your visibility to potential clients is optimized when you confirm appointments in a timely manner.  Missing appointments because your calendar isn’t up to date can negatively impact your visibility to potential clients. Put Vetster’s time management tools to work for you, such as our one-click “pause my availability” feature, and consider syncing your calendar with your Vetster availability to make updating seamless.

Accept booking requests

Confirm appointments as soon as possible after receiving notification. Declining should be a rare, last resort for unforeseen, extenuating circumstances and decline rates are tracked - so please reach out to our support team if you are having a recurring issue. Owners prefer to see the veterinarian of their choice, so accepting all of your appointments optimizes your visibility on the platform. Keep this in mind along with our other Standards for Virtual Care Appointments so you can boost your visibility.

Decrease your minimum booking notice

Selecting the shortest booking notice time you can manage improves your ranking with potential clients, especially when they have acute care needs. Most clients seek appointments within a 30-minutes window which means your responsiveness is key!

Provide top-tier virtual care

Use the full appointment time booked to give clients a level of care that leaves them eager to give you a 5-star review. Stay informed on virtual care best practices and exercise your communication skills so clients have an excellent experience. Address their main concern and provide additional care and coaching to deliver a valuable experience.

Create an engaging profile

Use a profile picture and bio to present a professional image. Make sure prospective clients can see your face clearly, and consider holding a pet to promote your appreciation for the human-animal bond. Take the time to complete a profile that is easy to read and understand, and showcases your expertise so clients can get to know you.

Expand your scope

Broaden your appeal by adding to your list of species treated and expanding the areas of interest listed in your profile. Catering to a diverse range of pets can attract a wider audience of potential clients.

Consider multi-state licensing

Unlock the potential to reach clients across different states/provinces by obtaining multi-state licensing. This opens opportunities to serve pet owners beyond your immediate geographic location, expanding your potential client base and impact. Add licenses to your profile here.

Utilize self-promotion tools

Take advantage of Vetster’s in-platform features to enhance your profile and attract more clients. Log into your Vetster account to access self-promotion tools such as your unique booking link, and pro tips in our self-promotion e-book. Watch a 2 minute video on how to generate your own promo codes here.

Experiment with pricing

Test different rates to gauge what works best for you over time.  You can adjust your rates based on factors such as time of day or day of the week or see if you do better with more competitive pricing. Vetster’s flexibility makes it easy for you to set your base rate as well as customize your fee schedule.

Stay informed

Familiarize yourself with the FAQs in Vetster’s Help Center.  When you stay updated on platform features, policies, best practices, and common queries, you streamline your experience and maximize your visibility on the platform.

By implementing these strategies and utilizing Vetster’s resources effectively, you can elevate your presence on the platform and attract more clients seeking your expertise.  Take the first step toward expanding your reach and making a difference in the lives of more pets and their owners today.