Building Your Client Base on Vetster

Building Your Client Base on Vetster - Vetster

Being part of the global Vetster marketplace connects you with a powerful community servicing pets and their owners around the world. We want to set you up for success by providing you with the tools you need to build your client base on Vetster. Get started by creating a great Vetster profile to help clients make the best choice in selecting the type of virtual veterinarian they’d like to compliment their in-clinic vet. Then build your client base by utilizing our in-platform tools to provide clients with the kind of care and communication that leaves them coming back for more.

Vetster provides veterinarians and pet owners a place to connect and build relationships through virtual care. Whether you’re using our platform in addition to in-clinic practice or are providing telehealth exclusively, we’re here to help you build a base of clients who are looking for the kind of care you’re eager to offer.

On our marketplace, there are three primary ways for you to build your virtual client base.

  1. Inbound → Vetster markets its platform to pet owners who are seeking a virtual modality of care. Pet owners find Vetster based on their needs - to learn if symptoms are serious and what they should do, find out options for home care, or even just have an opportunity to chat with another veterinarian about a recent diagnosis or treatment options.
  2. Self Promotion → Many veterinarians have become adept at leveraging their online profile and dedicated URL to promote their virtual services using social media, email marketing, and flyers to attract new clients to their online practice. Much how you would for your physical clinic, the same promotional efforts work well for promoting your online business.
  3. Continuity of Care → Perhaps the most important is the ability to use virtual care to provide continuity of care with your existing clients. So let’s dive into this one in more detail ….

Virtual and in-clinic care are not mutually exclusive

You’re already accustomed to contacting clients via email, phone, and text message.  Vetster makes it easy to incorporate virtual care appointments into the work you’re already doing. Video, photos and file sharing, and synchronous virtual care visits are preferred by both veterinarians and pet owners and allow for optimal communication.  Many of your non-urgent care consultations are ideally suited for a virtual care appointment. Providing clients with your profile link allows them to book you for follow-up, regular check-ins, and general pet health advice. Offering services like these allows you to see your existing clients regularly and fosters good communication.  Scheduling a dedicated time for these consultations allows both parties greater flexibility and opportunity to focus on the conversation and allows veterinarians to be compensated for their time.  The overall result is helping pet owners improve the care they provide to their pets.

Did you know? You can provide your existing clients with a discount to get them started?

Your unique Vetster booking link is ready to share with friends, family and pre-existing clients. It takes clients to a page with your bio, photo, and your very own calendar to accept bookings.  Think of it as your own personal virtual care website. With its integrated tools for booking, seamless payment, and record keeping, Vetster makes it simple to add virtual care to your current practice.

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Be compensated for your expertise and time

Getting asked for free advice is a common experience for many professionals.  Friends, family, and neighbors are often intrigued by the veterinary life, and can’t resist asking questions about their pets.  It’s also common for veterinarians to put in long hours providing follow-ups and other forms of client communication, usually off the clock. We encourage you to empower yourself with the tools available to you! When you share your Vetster profile link, you can meet those client needs in a more convenient manner for everyone while also making sure you are compensated for your expertise and time.

Easy tips for growing your virtual practice:

  1. Include your booking link in your email signature, out of office notifications, social media, voicemail and website.
  2. Use a discounted promotion to encourage clients in this new way of seeing you.
  3. Create your own promo codes on Vetster. It’s simple! Watch a video on how to here.
  4. Post signage at your front desk and front window that clients can see you online in between their regular check ups.
  5. Encourage your front desk to move follow ups and non-acute needs to see you on Vetster.
  6. Order business cards and flyers here, a complimentary offering through Vetster, and have something to hand to your clients for easy on the spot booking.

Your clients will appreciate being able to connect with you in-between their in-person visits. Your ability to answer questions, see the animal more often, and coach pet owners is helpful in supporting pet owners to provide the best care for their animals.

“Virtual care appointments allow me to increase revenue, see pets more often, and share better pet health care information with owners more regularly - all while being paid for my time!” says Vetster vet Jo Myers, DVM.

Our platform is versatile and flexible, so you can use it to provide care to your existing clients in a variety of ways. Vetster provides you and your clients with a place to connect, whether it’s to help your clients avoid resorting to Dr. Google when they have questions, or simply because you serve remote areas.

“For some patients, in-person care is not possible due to a remote location, the animal is not easily moved or transported, or lack of transportation for the client themselves. Vetster allows us to assess and help a patient in these cases without having to see them in-person immediately. It's a nice option to make sure we are providing a holistic approach to patient care.” - Dr. Meghann Kruck, Bark & Bliss

Whether you’re providing telemedicine services or general information on our platform, our goal is to put your profile in front of clients searching for digital-first solutions for their pet care needs.

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