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A great, locally owned pet store can be a hub for the pet-owning community in any area, and there are benefits to being involved in this community. Local pet shop owners can be wellsprings of knowledge and provide advice that can be especially useful to new pet owners. These are some of the best locally owned pet stores in Worcester, MA, that are known for their knowledgeable, friendly staff and willingness to go the extra mile to help.

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1. Gibson’s Natural Pet

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Gibson’s Natural Pet is a versatile pet store that offers a range of supplies for dogs, cats, small animals, and fish, as well as grooming and dog training services. So, it really is a one-stop shop. Their staff are passionate about pet care and have a broad knowledge of the products and brands that the store carries. They focus on natural and sustainable brands such as Earthborn and Open Farm. They follow ethical business practices to ensure that caring for your pet’s well-being makes you feel as good as they do. You will find food, toys, accessories, cages, cage and litter tray cleaning supplies, and basic pet medical items.

2. Tatnuck Pet

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Tatnuck Pet is a perfect example of a good old fashioned, locally owned pet shop that so many people have fond memories of. The owner and his staff are knowledgeable and compassionate. You can ask them about their stock, and about your pet. Tatnuck Pet usually has a good range of pet food available for cats, dogs, small animals, fish, and birds. They offer a range of foods for exotic pets, although this is more limited than their stock of common pet foods. They also stock toys, bedding, blankets, tank supplies for fish, cage accessories for small animals, and cage and tank cleaning supplies. If they can offer you advice or help you in any way, they are sure to. The owner, Brian, has decades of experience in the pet care industry and is always ready to go the extra mile for customers.

3. Paw Planet

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Favoring the people- and pet-centric approach that sets a locally owned store apart from big box stores, Paw Planet is within easy reach of Worcester as it sits in the nearby town of Whitinsville. They stock items for cats, dogs, and small animals. The owner has a background in pet training and ensures that all staff is trained to discuss the pros and cons of the brands and products they sell. Paw Planet stocks a range of pet food, toys, and accessories from brands like Acana, Nature’s Variety, Tetra, and Fluker’s. This approach has garnered Paw Planet admiration from local pet owners. They are always ready to go above and beyond for their customers.

4. Tony’s Pet Oasis

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If you have a cat or dog to care for, Tony’s Pet Oasis has a range of items and necessities at great prices. Owner Tony is passionate about canine and feline care and has been working in the pet care and supply industry for many years. Known for providing tailored care and a personal touch, this store offers pickup and delivery options to customers who require it. They do not have an online store at the moment, but when you visit them in-store you will find a range of cat and dog food, accessories, bedding, and toys, as well as basic pet first aid supplies. They focus on high-quality brands that put pet welfare before their bottom line.

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Keeping your cupboards stocked with pet essentials, such as food, treats, bedding, medicines, and grooming supplies is easier when you have a good local pet store. Many pet shops now have online stores where you can buy items for delivery or curbside pick-up, which can make it far easier. Having a schedule can help you to avoid running out of regular items. But there may be times when your pet needs new items, for example, special foods to manage their health or specific shampoos to alleviate skin irritation. When your pet needs a change in products to treat a specific condition, book a virtual vet appointment with Vetster to discuss how you can meet those needs.

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