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Despite being the second smallest state in the country, Delaware boasts 17 state parks and plenty of them are dog-friendly. In fact, a good number of them are off-leash. If you want to bring your pup to a dog park, check out one of these dog parks in Wilmington.

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1. Carousel Bark Park

Off leash Water feature

Located within the pet-friendly Carousel Park & Equestrian Center, Carousel Bark Park is one of the most popular dog parks in the city. This is a great park for dogs who love playing in the water, as it has a pond accessible by ramps. Dogs who don’t like the water can also run around in its expansive grassy area. Note that Carousel Bark Park is not completely fenced-off so only bring dogs that have good recall skills. Also note that there is various wildlife around and your dog will be asked to be removed if they are aggressive towards wildlife.

2. Rockford Park Off-Leash Area

Off leash

Rockford Park is a state park covering more than 60 acres of land. Founded in 1889, this park is steeped in history. Its most known feature, the Rockford Tower, is a 100-year-old historic stone water tower that offers a great view of the city. There are plenty of hills for your dog to run on, and there are benches and picnic tables for owners to rest. Also, check out the trails that run throughout the park. Note that the area is not fenced in and is situated inside a neighborhood. Only bring your dog here if it has good recall skills; otherwise, it might run into someone else’s backyard.

3. Brandywine Park Off-Leash Area

Dedicated areas Drinking water available Off leash Water feature

Brandywine Park is a picturesque park perfect for a slow day with your dog. There is a canal and river which you can walk or run alongside. When you’re tuckered out, sit on one of their benches overlooking the Brandywine River. Drinking water is available from a drinking fountain. However, occasionally the fountain does not work, so it’s best to bring your own drinking water. Additionally, this park is not fully-fenced in, so only bring your dog if they have good recall skills.

4. Talley Day Bark Park

Dedicated areas Off leash Water feature

Talley Day Bark Park is a fenced-in dog park located inside Talley Day Park. It is the first fully fenced dog park in New Castle County. This park has various amenities for residents of New Castle County. In this bark park, there is a separate area for small and large dogs, pavilions, benches, and trees for shade. Outside of the park you can walk your dog on a leash and check out other pet-friendly amenities, like the park’s one-mile walking path.

5. Bellevue State Park

Drinking water available Water feature

The Bellevue State Park is a gigantic 328-acre park. While this park requires you to keep your dog on a leash, there are plenty of amenities to check out with your dog, including various natural and paved hiking trails and a fishing pond. You can bring some food and have a picnic in one of their many picnic areas. Also keep an eye out for the park’s various events, especially their summer concert series hosted at the Bellevue State Park’s Amphitheatre.

Dog park fun in Wilmington

With Wilmington’s many pet-friendly parks, there’s no shortage of parks to visit in this dog-friendly city. From slow, quiet parks to parks with lots of space to run around, there’s something for every dog — and their owners, too. However, it’s best to make sure your dog is prepared to visit a dog park and spend time around other dogs. If you have concerns about bringing your dog to a dog park, book a virtual vet appointment through Vetster to speak with a veterinarian about any of your dog park worries.

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