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While chain pet stores are big and contain a lot of supplies, it’s nice to have your pet’s needs met by local shop owners who can connect with the community in Florida. There is no shortage of incredible pet shops owned by local Tampa residents in your area. Check out this list to see which ones are closest to you.

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1. Downtown Dogs

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This charming pet shop is located near Hyde Park, so you and your dog can head inside whenever you’re taking a walk around town. Downtown Dogs mainly specializes in dog-related items, but you can still find some accessories for cats, such as toys and beds. Downtown Dogs is a great place to go if your dog has special dietary needs since they also offer a variety of organic and diet-specific dog food. They also conveniently offer curbside pickup if you shop for supplies on their website.

2. Feed Pet Purveyor

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Feed Pet Purveyor is one of Tampa’s most popular pet shops for dog, cat, bird, and live animal supplies. They have a wide selection of supplies, from pet food, medicine, collars, and grooming kits. You can shop for the standard brand-name pet food, but if your pet has special dietary needs, you can find many different specialty diet foods too. You can head into the store between noon and six in the evening from Monday through Saturday or order the supplies online from their website.

3. Health Mutt

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Health Mutt has staff that are trained professionals in dog and cat nutrition. Because they focus on preventative care, you can find all manner of food for your furry friend. They have self-service dog washing stations where you have access to all the professional tools you need to make your dog squeaky clean. If you order pet food online on a Wednesday or Saturday before three in the afternoon, you can get it delivered to your home in Tampa that same day.

4. The Modern Paws

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The Modern Paws is a beloved pet store in Tampa. Not only do they have all the basic cat and dog supplies you need to care for your pet, but they also offer professional pet nutrition advice to prevent or minimize all sorts of health problems in your pet. They have self-washing stations you can use no matter what size your dog is. Don’t forget to check out their amazing dog bakery to treat your dog to a yummy homemade snack, including dog birthday cakes for your pet’s special day.

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Pet stores contain everything you need to make sure your animal companion lives a long, healthy, happy life. Because all animals are different, buying the right supplies for your pet is all about arming yourself with the necessary knowledge. If you need information or guidance on what to buy your pet at a pet store, book a virtual vet appointment with a Vetster veterinarian.

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