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The decision to welcome a new pet into your family is one that requires careful thought and planning. After all, taking care of a pet is a huge responsibility, just like caring for a human being. If you’re certain that you’re up to the task, there are many rescue groups, animal shelters, and breeders in Pennsylvania that offer you the opportunity to find the pet of your dreams. Check out these great adoption locations if you’re in the Scranton area.

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1. DeCoverly Kennels

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DeCoverly Kennels has more than fifty years of experience in offering boarding and dog training services in Scranton. The business also runs a breeding program with a focus on producing English Setters. All their breeding dogs are carefully selected for their natural hunting instincts, including their intelligence, scenting abilities, and pointing instincts. This strict and rigorous selection process ensures that the progeny produced are of superior quality.

2. St. Cats and Dogs of Nay Aug Zoo

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Cats and Dogs of Nay Aug Zoo is a non-profit group committed to controlling the population of stray cats in Pennsylvania. The organization employs the trap-neuter-return (TNR) strategy, where stray cats living on the streets are humanely captured, sterilized, and returned to the streets. This eliminates the possibility of breeding, thus allowing the cats to live out their lives in peace through the efforts of volunteers who feed and shelter them. The organization also runs an adoption program that gives vulnerable felines, including kittens and special needs cats, a shot at a better life through placements with loving and responsible families. All the animals slated for adoption are up-to-date with vaccinations and are spayed or neutered.

3. Abby’s Angels Animal Haven

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Abby’s Angels Animal Haven is a foster-based rescue group committed to improving the lives of vulnerable dogs by providing them with the best quality of care, support, and love. The organization has foster homes in many locations across Pennsylvania, including Cambria, Somerset, Bedford, Blair, and Juanita. Abby’s Angels is entirely run by volunteers who are passionate about animals—many of whom have adopted pets themselves. The organization relies on donations from the community to support the animals in their care.

4. Griffin Pond Animal Shelter

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The Griffin Pond Animal Shelter, also known as the Humane Society of Lackawanna County, is on a mission to investigate and prevent animal cruelty while spreading adoption awareness. The organization cares for more than 200 animals on a daily basis by not only providing them with secure shelter, but also food, medical care, and other essential supplies. The shelter is not affiliated with any other organizations and entirely relies on private donations for its operations.

5. Simply Shih Tzu of NEPA

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Located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Simply Shih Tzu is an in-home breeder that has specialized in producing top quality Shih Tzus since 2018. All their dogs and puppies are raised on the premises and are socialized for living with families from birth. Families looking to adopt pups from this breeder must complete a client information form and undergo rigorous vetting. Moreover, all dogs are DNA tested and AKC registered.

6. Perfect Mugs Cat Cafe

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Perfect Mugs Cat Cafe is a coffee shop, gift shop, and foster home for homeless cats waiting to find their forever homes. You can grab a delicious coffee, shop for merchandise, and play with their adorable and adoptable cats at the on-site play den. While you don’t need to reserve a seat at the coffee shop, you must schedule an appointment ahead of time to visit the cat room. All the cats are up for adoption and the playrooms help the foster home identify which cats will do well in families with many cats.

Find the perfect companion at the best adoption locations in Scranton

Adopting a pet not only allows you to give it a new lease on life but can bring plenty of joy into your life and household. Even so, taking in a new pet comes with its fair share of responsibilities that you should be prepared for, most notably, ensuring your pet is well-behaved and can accommodate other members of your family. While many adoption locations offer some form of training before releasing their pets to their forever families, there’s plenty you can do to set your pet up for success in its new home. Book a virtual vet appointment with Vetster to learn useful tips on how to socialize a newly adopted pet.

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