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In Texas, one of the best options for dogs to run around and play is at a dog park. Whether you’re a dog owner with a small backyard, you live in an apartment with no backyard to speak of, or you just want your dog to play with other dogs, a dog park is an awesome location for all dogs. Here are a few dog parks in San Antonio that are great options for dogs to play in.

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1. Nani Falcone Park

Off leash Drinking water available Dedicated areas Double entry and exit gates Water feature

Nani Falcone Park is a beloved park for many individuals, offering a 21-hole disc golf course, as well as a large dog park area. There is a small area for small dogs and a much larger area for all sizes of dogs. The all-dogs area also offers an agility tunnel, hoop jumps, and a set of weave polls, giving you the chance to train your dog or just allow them to play. Plus, there’s a water fountain and trash cans to allow you to dispose of dog waste.

2. Pearsall Park

Drinking water available Double entry and exit gates

Pearsall Park is a whopping 505 acres and offers several amenities, including an 18-hole disc golf course, bicycle trails, fitness challenge zones, art installations, and more. This includes a 1.5-acre dog park, which features plenty of trees for shade, strong fences all around the park, and activities for dogs, which are decorated in bright green, red, and yellow. It’s a fun place for everyone to hang out, including adults, children, and dogs.

3. Phil Hardberger Park (East and West)

Off leash Drinking water available Dedicated areas

The Phil Hardberger Park is one of the most well-reviewed parks in all of San Antonio, offering trails that are multiple miles long, as well as two dog parks — an eastern dog park of 1.8 acres and a western dog park of 1.5 acres. Both parks have separate areas for small dogs and all dogs. The eastern park includes a two-story doghouse in the small dogs area, while the western park includes agility equipment.

4. Madison Square Dog Park

Double entry and exit gates Drinking water available Off leash Water feature

With a doggy drinking foundation, fully fenced, off-leash area, and multiple benches for dog owners to sit on, Madison Square Dog Park is a popular destination for many dog owners. The park is .65 acres and only has one combined area for all dogs, which locals say is a great size to allow for plenty of running around while also ensuring that you always have an eye on your dog. Street parking is not free but is very inexpensive per hour.

5. Panther Springs Park

Double entry and exit gates Dedicated areas Drinking water available

Panther Springs is both a general park and a dog park, and the dog park section of Panther Springs offers two areas for large dogs and small dogs. You can access this park from sunrise to sunset, seven days a week, and the exercise equipment is more than enough to keep any dog entertained for many hours. Plus, the trails around the park are great for humans to get some exercise as well.

Enjoy yourself at a local dog park

A local dog park is a great spot to enjoy with your dog, but you can’t just show up and expect that your dog will have a great time. You should prepare your dog in terms of behavior and health to ensure that everyone has a good time at the dog park. If you’re worried about this and you want to ask some questions, you can get answers by booking an online virtual care appointment with Vetster.

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