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Dog parks are a great outdoor play option for dogs, and more and more have been popping up in the last few decades. These outdoor areas, where dogs are allowed to play off-leash, allow dogs without much outdoor space in their own backyard to play, and it also provides opportunities for socialization. If you're looking for a dog park where your pup can play in Portland, here are a few great options.

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1. Cycle Dog

Dedicated areas Drinking water available Double entry and exit gates Off leash Special dog friendly ground material

This is a very unique dog park. Rather than being a public park that just happens to have an extra area for dogs, Cycle Dog Tavern is a private indoor and outdoor dog park combined with a dog-friendly tavern area. They have a “Tiny Dog Only” period for their indoor area, so small dogs are also more than welcome. On top of that, they offer over 50 varieties of beer, wine, cider, and soft drinks, including many local options. The off-leash area requires a membership. You can buy one-time passes or monthly unlimited passes.

2. Arbor Lodge Park Off-Leash Dog Area

Off leash

Arbor Lodge Park is a well-known park in Portland, and one of its notable features is its ADA-accessible playground, with many features that make it easier for children with disabilities to play with their friends. In the northwest corner of the park, you'll find a one-acre, unfenced dog park with plenty of trees and picnic tables for pet parents to sit while letting their pups play. The rest of the park is also dog-friendly as long as your dog is on-leash. It's one of three Portland parks certified pesticide-free and herbicide-free, so you don't have to worry about toxins as your dog sniffs around the area.

3. Sandy River Delta Park

Off leash Water feature

Sandy River Delta Park, often known by the locals as "Thousand Acres," is an immensely popular park in the larger Portland area. This is partly because dogs are allowed off-leash in almost every area of the 1,400-acre park, minus the Confluence Trail and a few parking and restroom areas. If your dog is good at staying under your verbal control, this park, with huge expanses to play, including multiple ponds, could be the perfect spot to check out. There is no fee to visit, but there is a small fee for parking.

4. Overlook Park Off Leash Dog Area

Off leash

Overlook Park itself is a widely enjoyed park in the Portland area, with eleven acres of space that stretch out over some soccer fields, basketball courts, and a nature patch, one of the newer additions to the Portland area. The off-leash area can be found at the south end of the park, just north of Greeley Avenue. It is fairly small, and there is no fence, so it's best for small dogs that are good at staying under your verbal control. However, the small size also lends itself well to being used only moderately, so you're less likely to have to deal with a very busy area.

5. Laurelhurst Park

Off leash Drinking water available Water feature

Laurelhurst Park is a known spot for all sorts of people to congregate and enjoy nature in Portland. It's a 32-acre park with a pond, plenty of trails, and various amenities, such as a horseshoe pit, soccer field, basketball court, and more. The one-acre off-leash area is not fenced, but it does run right up to the pond, so your furry friend can play in the water if they enjoy doing so.

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A dog park is a great way for dogs to enjoy time outdoors. If you live near a dog park, it can help your dog get outside, run around a bit, and socialize with other dogs. However, that socialization doesn't always come naturally to all dogs, and some dogs aren't quite prepared for it. If you're looking for help with socializing your dog properly, book a virtual vet appointment with Vetster to get assistance from a veterinarian.

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