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A great dog park is one of the elements that many dog owners are looking for when they first move into a new city in Pennsylvania. Whether you’re looking for a dog park in a new area, you’ve just gotten a new dog, or you’re brand new to the idea of a dog park, there are plenty of solutions available in and around Philadelphia for you to check out. Here are some great Philadelphia parks to attend with your dog.

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1. Seger Dog Park

Drinking water available Dedicated areas Double entry and exit gates Off leash Special dog friendly ground material

Seger Dog Park first got its start in 2002 when a group of dog owners petitioned the Parks & Recreation department in Philadelphia to build an off-leash dog park in Seger Park. Today, Seger Dog Park is now one of the most widely used and generally beloved dog parks in Philadelphia. It is run by the Seger Park Dog Owner's Association (SPDOA), which helps maintain the park. It’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and has an area for small dogs and an area for large ones.

2. Schuylkill River Dog Run

Double entry and exit gates Dedicated areas Drinking water available Off leash Special dog friendly ground material Water feature

Schuylkill River Dog Run is right off the Schuylkill River, and its ease of access means that many dogs and dog owners really love the area. It’s right off the Schuylkill River Trail, near a number of local hotels, providing a large, open space for all dogs in the area. It’s separated into two sections, one for large dogs, and the other for small dogs, and you can enjoy dog bowls and running water for your pet. Plastic pools for dogs are provided in the summer.

3. Wissahickon Park

Drinking water available

Wissahickon Park is one of the most beautiful forested parks in Philadelphia, and just one look at it will be sure to show you exactly why so many people love the park. While it is not explicitly a dog park, dog owners love taking their dogs here to hike and walk all along the trails, and it is dog-friendly, with many dog owners enjoying the ability to congregate nearby. Check out this park if your dog loves walking around in nature as much as you do.

4. Harford Park

Drinking water available Off leash Water feature

This is an impressive 31-acre park in Radnor, just outside of Philadelphia. It offers tall trees, hills covered in grass, and even a walking trail and picnic tables for people who are coming in with their dogs. While it is an off-leash dog park, it’s best to wait until your dog is good at following instructions before you take them there, as it is not fenced in. The creek at the bottom of the park is a great place for dogs to swim around in and drink from.

5. Blue Bell Park

Drinking water available Water feature

Blue Bell Park is just off Wissahickon Creek, and this small area is a great place to bring on-leash dogs. While dogs are not allowed off-leash here, the space is great for running around with your dog, and the local creek makes for a unique swimming location for many dogs. Plus, many other dog owners come here regularly, so it’s also great for socializing with other dog owners. There are also many other options in the park, such as a baseball field and picnic areas.

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With one and a half million people in the Philadelphia area, there are plenty of exciting opportunities for everyone who lives here, and that includes dogs. Whether you choose one of these dog parks as your only dog park or you tend to move around a bit, you can be assured that Philadelphia has options for you and your dog. Remember that it’s up to you to make sure your dog isn’t aggressive toward other dogs. If you’re worried about this happening in your dog park, you might want to book an online virtual care appointment with Vetster to get more information on how to manage aggression against other dogs.

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