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Whether you’re on vacation in Texas or simply looking to explore, finding new places to go with your beloved pet is a great way to spend a day. Of course, some restaurants are not fond of having canine customers, which can make it hard to top off your great day with a nice meal. Thankfully, some restaurants allow dogs. Here are some of the best pet-friendly eateries in Corpus Christi.

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Please note: The following information was correct at the time of publication but may have recently changed. We recommend contacting the business you are interested in visiting to ensure your pet can be accommodated.

1. Surfside Sandwich Shoppe

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The Surfside Sandwich Shoppe is a casual yet classy establishment that shows off island cuisine and classic Texas charm in a really unique way. Even though they’re known for their sandwiches and seafood, they have a fairly wide menu that includes vegetarian options to choose from. Dogs are welcome to sit in the shaded and heated patio with their owners where they can enjoy the view and a bite to eat. The staff is renowned for being highly dog friendly, which is a real plus.

2. Scoopy’s Veranda

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There are few places in Corpus Christi as well-known as Scoopy’s Veranda. Perched on the edge of the bay with a huge patio area, they are the perfect spot for dog walkers and pooches to cool down after a long walk. While Scoopy’s Veranda is mostly known for its ice cream, they have a pretty extensive menu that includes seafood and American classics. Be sure to try their classic grilled cheese sandwich or the fried seafood platter. The staff are very accommodating, too, so if you want a little something plain for your pooch, don’t be afraid to ask.

3. Black Diamond Oyster Bar

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The Black Diamond Oyster Bar is a family establishment that has been a staple in Corpus Christi since 1968. They have a large patio area where dogs are welcome. They often have live music. Their staff is friendly and their menu is quite extensive. Their specialty is, of course, oysters, but you can find a range of seafood as well as American classics, such as chicken fried steak. They have a good selection at the bar and a really fun, vibrant atmosphere.

4. Yola Cocina Mexicana

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As one of Corpus Christi’s premier Mexican restaurants, Yola Cocina Mexicana is a well-known spot for a sumptuous meal and a frosty margarita. As a family endeavor, Yola Cocina offers authentic Mexican fare in beautiful surroundings. Their outdoor patio area welcomes all well-behaved dogs to dine with their owners and is a truly wonderful spot to while away a few hours with flautas, oysters, or enchiladas. It really can feel like a little slice of heaven when the sun is shining and the sea air is fresh.

5. JB’s German Bakery

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As a working bakery, restaurant, and café, JB’s German Bakery really does it all. Renowned for their delicious fresh bread and welcoming staff, they are a tourist favorite. They have a stunning outdoor patio where you can dine with your dog while you enjoy the sunshine. Besides bakery staples such as cakes, pies, strudel, and bagels, they have breakfast and lunch menus that include traditional German dishes and meals.

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Dining out with your dog can be a great way to bond with them and enjoy yourself, but there are some times when it can be tough. Some restaurant environments can be a little too busy for anxious or reactive dogs, and that can cause problems. When you head out with your dog, ensure that they have had plenty of exercise and mental stimulation before you arrive at a restaurant. This should purge any restless energy they have and help to keep them calm. If you have recurrent issues with your dog's behavior, however, it can be helpful to book a virtual vet appointment for some advice from a veterinarian.

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