Best hotels that offer cat and dog lodging in Brooklyn

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If you love the idea of traveling with your cat or dog, chances are that you’re going to need a hotel with a cat- and dog-friendly policy. There are hundreds of hotels in New York City and in Brooklyn, but not all of those hotels will be comfortable with housing your dog or cat. However, that doesn’t mean you’re entirely out of luck. Here are five great hotels in Brooklyn, all of which are right near the action, which offer dog, and sometimes cat, lodging.

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1. Wyndham Garden Brooklyn Sunset Park

Dog lodging Cat lodging Local parks Pet cleaning fee Pet fee per night 25 pound dogs

This unique hotel is visibly different even from the outside, with its contemporary design full of squares and circles. When you visit inside, you’ll find beautiful contemporary rooms that are extremely close to a number of subway lines and attractions, and are just a few steps from some of the best styles in the area.

This hotel allows you to bring up to two dogs or cats up to 25 pounds for a fee. The fee is assessed per night and there may be an additional cleaning fee. You cannot leave dogs and cats unattended in your room and there are parks within just a few blocks.

2. NU Hotel Brooklyn

Dog lodging Treats available Beds available 50 pound dogs Pet cleaning fee 25 pound dogs

The NU Hotel is an especially creative hotel, always striving to be the “best boutique hotel” in downtown Brooklyn. It’s a hotel that really strives to honor Brooklyn’s cultural identity, describing Brooklyn as a global center of art, culture, and energy, ensuring that you’re just minutes away from some of the best experiences in Brooklyn.

You can lodge dogs under 50 pounds for a one-time cleaning fee for your entire stay. Remember to indicate that you’re looking for a pet-friendly room when you make your reservation to ensure that you get the right room. Dog bowls and embroidered dog beds are available upon request at the hotel.

3. 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Cat lodging Dog lodging Treats available Beds available Over 50 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Local parks 25 pound dogs

This sustainable, luxury hotel believes makes it as easy as possible to access gorgeous, expansive views and a high-quality hotel experience, all while having a minimum impact on the Earth. This hotel uses reclaimed wood, organic cotton mattresses, and sustainably sourced sheets to add even further to the luxurious experience.

You can bring one or two pets to 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, with both dogs and cats allowed, but the combined weight must be less than 40 pounds. Cleaning fees are only assessed if your room gets especially dirty. While you cannot leave pets unattended in rooms, there are grassy areas for pet relief nearby, and you can find the Hillside Dog Park fairly close. Additionally, dog beds and bowls are available upon request.

4. The Hoxton Williamsburg

Dog lodging Pets allowed unattended Local parks 50 pound dogs Over 50 pound dogs 25 pound dogs

The Hoxton is a well-established and highly-rated hotel around the world, and its Williamsburg location is the first hotel it established in New York City. One of its main selling points is that while it’s located in Brooklyn, it’s exceptionally close to Manhattan, making it the perfect hotel to stay in if you want easy access to both.

The Hoxton has multiple dedicated rooms that allow dogs. While there is no charge for the dog to stay in your room, including no cleaning fees, there might be extra fees if your dog damages the room or makes it exceptionally messy. If you need to leave your dog unattended in the room, talk to the reception team about it.

5. The William Vale Hotel

Dog lodging Treats available Beds available Over 50 pound dogs 50 pound dogs Cat lodging Local parks 25 pound dogs

The William Vale brands itself as “Williamsburg’s only true luxury hotel,” and one look at the tall building will show you exactly why. Williamsburg is known for being home to the creative community of Brooklyn, which means that a stay at the William Vale allows you to easily access many of the most unique shops in Brooklyn.

Describing itself as “The most pet-friendly hotel in Brooklyn,” the William Vale does offer a variety of benefits for dog owners. The hotel offers many doggy goods, including bones, bandanas, and dog beds from Purple, and both dogs and cats are accepted for no extra fee.

Enjoy your time with your furry friends

A hotel stay doesn’t have to leave you separated from your beloved pets. Whether you want to bring dogs, cats, or both, you can travel all throughout Brooklyn with them, with benefits for both you and your dogs and cats. If you want to get tips and tricks for traveling with your dog or cat, book a virtual vet appointment with Vetster for some help.

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