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If you own an animal of any kind in Georgia, one of the most important components of owning that animal is ensuring that you always have the supplies necessary to care for them. Different animals will require different care and different supplies, but regardless of the animal you own, a locally owned pet shop can help you find easy-to-access supplies. Here are some locally owned pet shops in Atlanta that can be the right choice for your needs.

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1. Park Pet Supply

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Since 1999, Park Pet Supply has served the local Atlanta community in a variety of ways. This locally owned company prides itself on holistic and sustainable practices, offering strong customer service and always giving back to the community. At Park Pet Supply, you’ll find high-quality pet foods, including raw and local products, accessories, apparel, and even grooming and a self-serve dog wash. Check out Park Pet Supply to explore one of the most beloved local pet supply providers in the area.

2. The Whole Dog Market

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The Whole Dog Market focuses primarily on holistic approaches to animal health, providing services for “the whole dog.” That includes raw, freeze-dried, and conventional food options, as well as a self-wash station and plenty of accessories, treats, and other products. These options are available for both dogs and cats, with some options for horses, despite the location’s name. There are four locations of The Whole Dog Market in Georgia, with three of them in Atlanta, and this location is the highest rated.

3. Pet Gallery

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The Pet Gallery has been an independently owned and operated location since 1976, providing high-quality supplies and grooming solutions for both dogs and cats. While this store does not have an active online presence, the love from the community is so strong that they’ve been able to maintain a consistent presence in Atlanta for decades. Stop in for supplies, grooming, and a welcoming experience.

4. City Dog Market

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City Dog Market believes in treating every dog and their owner like family. Having been part of the community since 2008, City Dog Market provides plenty of healthy pet supplies, including food, toys, and accessories, for both dogs and cats. Additionally, City Dog Market offers DIY dog washing stations and in-store training services, as well as dog adoption when available. You can find this location in Atlanta, as well as one in Avondale.

5. Highland Pet Supply

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Highland Pet Supply does a little bit of everything. Not only is it a prolific pet supply company offering dog and cat supplies like beds, collars, leashes, bowls, and treats, but it also provides dog training, including puppy training and private training sessions, as well as self-serve dog washes. For 18 years now, Highland Pet Supply has served the needs of Atlanta dog and cat owners.

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If you own a pet and you want to find a local pet supply company, there are many options available regardless of the pet you own. From general pet supplies for dogs and cats to very hyper-specialized options for exotic animals and reptiles, Atlanta offers several different suppliers. If you want some insight into which products are right for your needs, book an online virtual care appointment with Vetster for help in making your decisions.

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