How My Pet’s Vetster Prescription Will Be Filled

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How My Pet’s Vetster Prescription Will Be Filled - Vetster

Happy New Year!

With 2021 already underway, we wanted to give you an update on how to best fill your pet’s prescription following your Vetster appointment. While we are just a few weeks away from streamlining this process within the platform, we wanted to share with you how your vet will be filling prescriptions in the meantime so you know what to expect from our veterinary partners.

If your appointment takes place within a state or province that allows for the establishment of a virtual veterinary-client-patient-relationship (VCPR), there is a possibility that your Vetster Veterinarian may provide you with a prescription for your pet. There are many different ways to get a prescription filled - here is a summary of the most effective routes and a few tips for success in making this process as smooth as possible.

Human Pharmacy (including Costco and Walmart)

We recommend any medications that are available through human pharmacy channels to be processed through your pharmacy of choice during your Vetster appointment. Confirm the physical location and contact information of your local pharmacy with the veterinarian, and after your Vetster appointment is complete, the vet will phone or email the prescription to your pharmacy for you to pick up at your convenience.


Mixlab is a very user-friendly option in several states across the US. If using Mixlab, your veterinarian will call or email your pet’s prescription directly to the pharmacy. Upon receipt, Mixlab will contact you directly and arrange for payment and delivery of the medication via courier. Often, within 24-36 hours of receiving the prescription!

Internet Pharmacy

If you wish to use 1-800-Pet-Meds, or, please keep in mind that these channels are proving to be a little awkward at the moment. You are required to create your own account on these sites and then place a request for the prescription that the vet has recommended. Additionally, the veterinarian must contact them and provide the prescription verbally or via email, With large customer service teams, we have found the communication trail to frequently be convoluted. This can be a challenging and slow process, particularly for urgently needed medications. We recommend using a human pharmacy or Mixlab when at all possible for the time being.

Additional Considerations regarding Prescriptions

For security reasons, prescriptions cannot be emailed to you directly. Prescriptions contain personal contact information of our veterinary partners, required by the pharmacy to fulfill the prescription. Additionally, downloaded and printed at home prescription cannot be filled by a pharmacist if presented to due to pharmacy regulations. Please clearly communicate where your prescription is to be sent with the Veterinarian during your appointment and confirm what next steps may be required by you to ensure accurate collection or delivery. If you have any challenges with your prescription fulfillment please contact our customer service team.