Check out Vetster’s new product features & updates!

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Check out Vetster’s new product features & updates! - Vetster

We’re excited to share the launch of several new product features and additions!

Vetster Payout Experience

The Vetster payout experience is now live! You can now expect to receive regular payments for all of your completed Vetster appointments. Please take a moment to log into your dashboard and update your payout method. Your first payout will be sent soon after you have updated your information!

Check out our Help Centre article for instructions on how to update your payout method.

Ratings & Reviews

We recently launched ratings & reviews! Clients are now prompted to review their experience after every Vetster appointment. We’re overwhelmed with how positive our partner reviews have been so far and are proud of our professional partner team for the wonderful experiences they continue to provide clients. Check out your profile to see if you’ve received any reviews yet!

Email Signature Generator

Introducing our new email signature generator feature! You can find this feature under “Self Promotion Tools” in your Account. Adding a customized call to action with your direct booking link to your existing email signature is a great way to let your network know that you are accepting virtual appointments on Vetster! Simply copy and paste the generated signature into your existing email account signature.

Availability Reminder

At Vetster, we understand that life happens and schedules are constantly changing. We appreciate that our partners continue to update their availability to reflect their busy schedules. Just a reminder that you are required to take appointments booked with you during your windows of availability. Rescheduling appointments due to being unavailable after a client has booked your time may negatively impact your search ranking.

Client Success Story

Every day, we continue to receive positive feedback from our clients. Here’s what pet owner, Kedaya C, had to say about her Vetster experience:

Using Vetster was cheaper, more professional, more detailed, and a better experience when my fur baby was sick. The doctor was attentive, informative, friendly, put the scripts in right away, answered all of my questions, and really listened to my concerns. Meds arrived the next morning - I only waited a few hours between the appointment and the medicine delivery. They even sent my little sick one a get better comfort toy. If I could give 10 stars I would - thank you.