5 Veterinary Telemedicine Myths Busted by Vetster!

5 Veterinary Telemedicine Myths Busted by Vetster! - Vetster

We understand that veterinary telemedicine is something new for everyone, so we want to give you the real facts about it!

Telemedicine can’t solve my problem

Yes, it can! Telemedicine is proven to provide the same standard of care as in-clinic. Most often, your pet’s health concern is resolved entirely all while saving you time and money.

You can’t receive a prescription

If the state/province you reside in permits a remote veterinary-client-patient-relationship (VCPR) to be established, our veterinary partners are able to prescribe medication for your pet (at their discretion of course!).

Telemedicine is only for emergencies

Actually, it’s for way more than that! While Vetster can definitely help save you unnecessary visits to the emergency room, telemedicine is great for proactive wellness, chronic care, annual check-ups, follow-up appointments and so much more.

Telemedicine isn’t secure

Vetster is serious about privacy and utilization of data. Your pet’s medical records will be stored securely for up to 7 years.

Telemedicine is too advanced for me

Join your appointment with the click of a button. All you need is reliable internet access to connect on any device, at any time, from anywhere.

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