Celebrating Vets on International Day of Veterinary Medicine

Celebrating Vets on International Day of Veterinary Medicine - Puppy kissing smiling veterinarian

On International Day of Veterinary Medicine, we celebrate animals, animal lovers, but most importantly: our veterinarian heroes who play a vital role in keeping our animal friends healthy day after day. Since the dawn of the digital age, and more recently the adoption of virtual appointments, veterinary medicine has been changing for the better by reimagining how clinics provide care.

Let’s dive into the ways online veterinary care is evolving, the expanding benefits of telemedicine, and how virtual vet appointments are making a positive impact in the lives of vets, pets and pet parents.

How Veterinarian Medicine has Evolved

Not so long ago, nearly all veterinary professionals were men. This is not outstanding as most occupations were almost exclusively available to a male workforce before the late 20th century; however, what is noteworthy is the decided shift in the early 21st century.

For most of the early 2000s, both genders hovered at the 50% mark within the clinical sector of the veterinary workforce. But in 2011, women officially took the lead and became the majority at 51%. That number rose to 59% in 2018, and now sits at 63% with no signs of the trend discontinuing according to the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA).

This change, shared by many other industries, meant that the bulk of the workforce needed an environment that accommodates people who are caretakers as well as breadwinners. Fast forward to the present and there’s no denying that people from all industries are looking for ways to better balance their personal lives with their work lives.

Those that are addressing the bustle of veterinary care by adapting their environment, and practicing care virtually, are finding that the increased flexibility makes now the best time to pursue a veterinary profession. Our own veterinary advisor and practicing Vetster vet, Dr. Jo Myers, agrees and states, “The virtual space is a perfect avenue for highly trained and experienced veterinary professionals, allowing pets and pet parents all around the world to benefit from their expertise.”

How Telemedicine Benefits Veterinary Professionals, Pets, and Pet Owners

All animals are different. Sometimes, our furry friends are easily excitable and love coming to the vet clinic for a chance to visit someplace new where there are new smells to sniff out and places to explore. Other companion animals, like some cats, have anxiety about traveling in their carrier to the vet's office. With online virtual care appointments, veterinarians can frequently administer check-ups without the need for the pet to leave the comfort of their home.

Other benefits for veterinary professionals who provide virtual care include:

  • Choose your own schedule
  • Diagnose and prescribe medications according to your professional judgment (varies by state)
  • Perform charitable work in underserved or remote areas
  • Reduce stress from a busy waiting room and impatient pet parents
  • Improve your work-life balance
  • Evaluate animal health in the environment where they spend the most time

Virtual Vet Appointments Are Life-Changing

It’s easy to see how virtual vet appointments positively impact a pet’s life when used to discuss proactive care and other ways to improve quality of life. But we’re only just beginning to understand how the option for online appointments is changing the lives of veterinary professionals, too. From decreased stress to the ability to focus on specific areas of interest within animal care, we’re optimistic for less burnout and more turnout in veterinary medicine.

Although December 9 is officially International Day of Veterinary Medicine, you can celebrate any day by showing appreciation for your own veterinarian at your next appointment. Something as small as acknowledging a long shift or appreciating a helpful tip can make their day a little brighter.

If you’re a veterinarian who could benefit from more choice in how, when, and where you improve pet health, sign up for Vetster and see for yourself the exciting opportunities now within reach thanks to the continuing evolution of telemedicine and veterinary care.

FAQ - Celebrating Vets on International Day of Veterinary Medicine

Is Vetster’s platform free for vets?

Veterinary professionals receive a free profile listing and have the ability to set their own rates on the Vetster platform. Top-performing Vetster veterinary professionals earn more than $7,500 per month. Vetster retains a small fee from each completed client appointment to support the Vetster platform.

What is included in the Vetster platform for vets?

Veterinarians on the Vetster platform have access to a wide range of tools to manage patients and their virtual care business, including appointment reminders, the ability to manage patient records, financial reports, high-quality audio and video connections, and weekly direct deposit for earnings.

Can you set your own schedule with Vetster?

Yes. You can work early mornings, evenings, weekends, and work as much or as little as you prefer. Veterinarian professionals have complete flexibility to work remotely on their own schedule.

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