Vetster Expands Globally to Improve Access to Expert Care

Vetster Expands Globally to Improve Access to Expert Care - Vetster

Vetster has expanded its award-winning marketplace to help more pet owners find trusted counsel when they need it most. No matter where in the world they are located.

The expansion of our platform now makes it possible for Vetster veterinarians to meet with pet owners outside of Canada, the US and UK to obtain general health advice regarding their pet.  Pet parents speaking English, French and Spanish can choose from more than 6000 veterinarians practicing in our marketplace to find the veterinarian right for them. This means those traveling, living abroad, or without access to a local veterinarian can now get the support and information they need to make an informed decision regarding their pet’s health.

General advice is an important part of the pet owner’s journey in taking care of their animal.

By having a conversation with a licensed professional our international clients can obtain information about their pets, what symptoms may indicate, and how different illnesses are diagnosed and treated.  General advice is a great coaching tool to help pet owners understand the unique needs of their animals, be informed throughout their pet’s life stages, and to be more confident in their care. They should not include a diagnosis or prescription as no VCPR can be established, but instead focus on empowering pet owners with information about: symptoms, diagnostics, treatment options, expectations, next steps, and more.

Delivering a great virtual experience is easy. Your appointments will be booked most often in 15 or 30 minute increments. There is no need to rush to your next case and so you can use the time to:

  • Listen carefully your client’s concerns
  • Make sure your client feels heard
  • Provide information that answers their questions
  • Ask questions and obtain a full history, recording it in the Vetster medical record
  • Ask for photos or video to observe the animal and look closer at any areas of the body
  • Provide general information about the concerns the client has questions about
  • Explain potential outcomes and expectations
  • Ensure the client has the information they need to decide what to do next

For more information about working with pet owners around the world, visit our FAQ here.

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