Vet Spotlight: Dr. Vergette’s success with multiple licenses, multiple species, and extended hours

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Vet Spotlight: Dr. Vergette’s success with multiple licenses, multiple species, and extended hours - Vetster

Meet Dr. Vergette, a veterinarian licensed in eight states who treats dogs, cats and horses. Dr. Vergette has nearly 25 years of experience as a vet and six years as a technician. With years of practice in a very busy small animal emergency clinic, she is well versed in the industry with a keen interest in life-long learning and improvement. On top of this, she’s competed nationally in dressage as an accomplished amateur competitor for 35 years.

“I love forming bonds and relationships with the clients [on Vetster]. I have quite a few who come back to me time and time again…”

Dr Julie Vergette in her clinic, holding a puppy

Other than cats and dogs, what animals do you treat on Vetster?

I have treated horses on Vetster and I would love to do more! I have seen several horses that were owned by people without trailers or a way that they can see a vet in person. It has been very fulfilling to help people with their horses when they have no other options. Often it's helping with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications to treat wounds, or helping someone learn how to bandage a hoof.

Dr Vergette treating a foal

What cases do you see at night and early mornings?

When it’s late at night, I often see trauma or help people triage to determine if the problem is serious enough to be seen in person at an ER.

I am multi-licensed, so I also  see a lot of people on the west coast (California and Arizona) late at night since I’m in Kentucky. I also see clients who are scheduling routine appointments for ear infections, eye problems, or dermatologic problems. They use Vetster because their work hours preclude in person visits, or they prefer to have an online visit because it is easier than taking a dog or cat in person.

In the early morning hours, it's often diarrhea, ear infections, or bladder infections.

You are multi state licensed. Why did you pursue this way to practice virtually?

I am licensed in multiple states because it affords me the ability to see a larger number of cases. I live in Kentucky, telemedicine is not permitted here, so in order to stay busy, I decided to get licensed in the states where it is possible. My goal is to set hours during the day and fill those up completely. The more state licenses I have, the more this has become reality, and will continue to be as I add more.

A profile photo of Dr Vergette

How do you manage your calendar and how does Vetster tooling make that easier for you?

Vetster has been a life changer for me, while I am very social and love to talk to people, I am also a homebody with a large farm to take care of. I have my own horses that I ride regularly, and I am nationally competitive in dressage with my horse, Garfio. I also do medical layups at my farm, which involves taking horses that have had surgery and providing care until they can return home, so this keeps me busy at home as well. I love my work on Vetster, and I think I am a good fit for this type of work. I enjoy the flexibility and being able to turn off when I need a break. I can and do see appointments on vacation, and have been afforded the ability to travel and still work. I've seen appointments in Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Canada, Kauai, and in the evenings when I am doing relief work.

Dr Vergette riding a horse

What has been your experience on Vetster so far?

I love forming bonds and relationships with the clients. I have quite a few who come back to me time and time again, and I love seeing them. I enjoy helping people who really don't know what is going on with their pet; sometimes sending them to an ER and saving a life, sometimes just talking with them because their dog has cancer and they are scared and have questions, and sometimes crying along with them as they describe their pain in losing a best friend. It's reassuring to know that the clients are wanting help and are incredibly appreciative.

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