How to maximize your success on Vetster

How to maximize your success on Vetster - Vetster

We want to ensure you feel set up for success on the Vetster platform. Here are some tips to help you optimize your availability, maintain a high search ranking, and obtain positive reviews from pet parents!

Optimizing your Availability on Vetster

Our top 3 tips for optimizing your availability on Vetster:

  1. Set your base availability for the workweek
  2. Set your minimum advance notice to accept an appointment
  3. Track your availability and appointment bookings in your personal calendar
  4. Sync your personal calendar with your Vetster calendar so your availability is constantly up to date

To learn more about optimizing your availability and integrating your calendars on Vetster, visit our help centre.

A Guide to Marketing Yourself on Vetster

We’re excited to share that our complete Guide to Marketing Yourself on Vetster e-book is now live on your dashboard! Find it in the self-promotion section of your account and discover everything you need to know about driving more appointments on Vetster!

Tips for Success

As you begin taking appointments on the platform, consider these tips for success:

  • Fill out your About section. Your About section is a great place to list all of your specializations and accomplishments in detail and provides pet owners with a little more information about you so they can determine whether you’re a good fit for their needs.
  • Specify the species you treat. Be sure to include all of the species you treat in the Species Treated section of your profile card. These will be displayed to pet owners when they’re looking to book you on Vetster!
  • Specify the languages you speak. When filling out your Vetster profile, be sure to include all of the languages you speak so that clients can find you by language spoken if needed.
  • Update your areas of interest. Include your areas of interest and expertise under the Areas of Interest section on your Vetster profile. Here is where you can really display the types of cases you would like to see and the areas you enjoy treating the most!
  • Ensure your profile photo is clear, centered, and professional. Partners who have seen the most success on Vetster have a clear profile photo that depicts their personality as well! Don’t shy away from photos with animals or stethoscopes that truly capture you in your element. Upload a clear, high-quality profile photo where you’re smiling, dressed professionally, and including animals if possible!
  • Add some variability and flexibility to your availability. Appointments that happen during 12:00pm - 9:00pm are typically more popular than those that happen throughout the morning.
  • Revise your minimum booking notice. Some partners only need 15 minutes’ notice to prepare for an appointment, and others prefer to know a couple of hours in advance. Ensure you set your minimum booking notice to suit your schedule so that you have enough time to set up your space and prepare for your appointments.
  • Ensure your mobile notifications are turned on so that you receive alerts for when you’re booked for appointments on Vetster. Being late or not showing up to appointments may negatively impact your search ranking on the platform.

All of these tips will help you promote yourself and book appointments on Vetster. For more tips for success, review our How to Maximize Your Success in Online Care onboarding video.

If you have any questions or need additional support, please visit our help centre or contact us at We’re happy to answer any questions you may have!

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