Vetster is on a global mission to advance pet care

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Vetster is on a global mission to advance pet care - Vetster

Did you know there are more than 84-million doggy households and 66-million cat owners in North America? Over the last year, as many of us stayed at home, we also took the opportunity to add to our families with four-legged friends. The rise in pet ownership over the last year has been wonderful to see and the pet care industry as a result has grown to nearly $100-billion.

As more people make pets a part of their lives, veterinarians, veterinary technicians and urgent care hospitals have been rising to the challenge of increasing their practice size and taking on new patients. Many clinics are seeing record numbers with 50% more pets in their practices just this last year.

To help improve access to veterinary care and services, Vetster stepped forward to help bridge the care gap for pet owners and veterinarians. We’re proud to say that in just six short months we’ve connected thousands of pet owners across North America to trusted veterinarians and veterinary technicians through our veterinary telemedical platform.

Regularly, Vetster veterinarian’s receive 5-star reviews from pet owners who appreciate the convenience of booking appointments on their own schedule, conducting a private, secure online appointment from the comfort of their own home, avoiding the stress on their pet from travel, and obtaining the professional, medical advice they need to care for their pet.

At the same time, veterinarians are loving Vetster’s easy-to-use platform that empowers them to support and treat more patients -- patients that may not be able to visit a clinic, or those that can be assessed online first before deciding if a clinic visit is warranted. Many of our Vetster caregivers are able to expand their clinic hours and increase the flexibility and capacity of their practice. Vetster helps veterinarians grow their veterinary businesses.

It’s this success that has led us to raise an investment of $12.25M CAD from notable investors such as Whitecap Venture Partners, Brightspark Ventures, Hedgewood and angels including Wealthsimple’s Michael Katchen and Leen Li, Robert Halpern, and Jeff Fettes. These experienced investors and entrepreneurs recognize the need for Vetster to help improve the delivery of pet care around the world. Our vision is big, and we’ll be expanding globally and introducing new services and features into our platform.

Celebrate with us, and look out for our mobile app coming in June!