Lumino Health announces Vetster as first pet health partner

Lumino Health announces Vetster as first pet health partner - Vetster

Vetster is excited to be the first veterinary telemedicine platform joining Lumino Health’s network! Accessing quality virtual veterinary care is now available. With Vetster, Lumino Health now offers health care solutions and resources that benefit the whole family.

Choosing Vetster as the first pet health partner

“Lumino Health supports the growth and expansion of virtual care to all aspects of health, including pet health,” says Sandy Delamere, Vice-President, Agility, Lumino Health. It became evident that pet care was becoming more of a focus for Canadian families during the pandemic. “Pet owners everywhere need veterinary services to monitor and treat their pets’ health. Vetster was a natural choice as a solution that benefits a broad range of pet owners”.

Expanding Lumino Health’s pet resources

Lumino Health is dedicated to helping the whole family take charge of their health, including pets! “We also want the humans in their lives to enjoy the benefits to their well-being that pet ownership can bring. We’ll continue to build partnerships with pet health companies that can help us achieve this mission” Delamere says.

Accessing virtual pet care during the pandemic

“Vetster will be tremendously useful to Canadians and we’re thrilled to have them as one of our newest partners,” says Delamere. Recognizing that virtual pet care helps people follow public health guidelines and stay at home during the pandemic, it “also helps those in rural and remote communities where pet care isn’t readily available”.

For most Canadians, pets are considered furry family members. This partnership rounds out the resources that Lumino Health offers to benefit the whole family - even those that have four legs! Vetster is excited to help families with any pet health concern they may experience through virtual veterinary services, a part of Lumino Health’s network to connect families with a range of health solutions.

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