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Canada has a wide variety of outdoor areas, but not all of those areas are dog-friendly. Discovering dog-friendly outdoor spaces is just one way that you can make sure your dog gets the entertainment they need and play outdoors more than they otherwise might be able to. If you're looking for a great way to enjoy the outdoors in Winnipeg, here are a few dog parks that you might be interested in trying out.

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1. Maple Grove Dog Park

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The Maple Grove Dog Park is one of the most beloved dog parks in all of Winnipeg. Located in the larger Maple Grove Park, this off-leash area offers nearly 13 hectares of land, which is more than enough for dogs to run around and play. The majority of the park is not fenced, but there is a fenced area that is great for smaller dogs and dogs that aren't great at recall yet. Yearly membership is not required but does give you access to benefits, such as being able to vote on motions for the park.

2. Bonnycastle Dog Park

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If you're looking to visit a dog park and also join a community of people who love their dogs, Bonnycastle Dog Park is a great choice. The Bonnycastle Dog Park is fairly small, at only .12 hectares, but is well-maintained by local volunteers. This dog park includes artificial dog-friendly turf, lights for after-dark visits, park furniture for sitting, and a bottle refill fountain during the summer months. Check it out today for a great experience for your dog.

3. Charleswood Off Leash Dog Park

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Formerly known as the Charleswood Golf Course, this off-leash park is about 20 acres in size and is a large open lawn, with plenty of space for your pup to run and play. It is technically a multi-use park, but while skiers and cyclists may be present, the park is primarily used for dogs to run around and play. The park is not fully fenced, so make sure your dog has good recall before you visit so that you and your pup can both enjoy your time.

4. Brenda Leipsic Off-leash Dog Park

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The Brenda Leipsic off-leash dog park is another popular local park that has a North portion and a South portion. The North portion is six hectares, and the South portion is one hectare. Both areas are widely beloved by the community and are regularly used by locals, with people often bringing agility equipment, toys, and other items so that dogs can play together. The areas regularly rotate for seeding and establishment reasons, so make sure you check which areas are currently open and which are closed.

5. Westview Off-leash Dog Park

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Westview Park is a park that is completely dedicated to being an off-leash dog park. Contrary to some other dog parks, where you may need to pay attention to your location so you stay within the off-leash area, Westview Park makes it easy by allowing dogs off-leash throughout the park in its entirety. It's also a mixed-use park, which means that your well-behaved dog may be able to interact with other people, helping your dog develop even more socialization skills.

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Canadians love their outdoor areas, and if you're interested in exploring the outdoors with your dog, dog parks are a great way to do it safely. However, before you visit a dog park with your dog, you should also make sure that your dog is well-socialized, so they don't cause any problems for other dogs at the park. You can book a virtual vet appointment with Vetster to get help with socialization for your dog if you're worried about this being a problem.

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