Vetster is a quick, virtual way to keep your dog healthy without leaving your home

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Vetster is a quick, virtual way to keep your dog healthy without leaving your home - Vetster

Take a look at Vetster

The last year certainly has been unprecedented! I hear complaints daily from fellow dog moms about their experiences trying to manage their pet’s health. This is particularly true when they talk about access to vet care. Many are unable to get an appointment with their vet or had to wait weeks to get an appointment only to find out they were not allowed to go inside with their pets resulting in additional frustration and stress.

It can be difficult to find the silver lining to COVID, but one of the greatest benefits to being in lockdown was the creativity of businesses and people to stay connected. Regardless of the world around us, people still need access to good medical care and this includes our pets. Lately, I have been sharing with dog moms the AMAZING service I found that allows you to connect virtually with high-quality Veterinarians, Vetster.

What is Vetster?

Vetster connects pet owners to thousands of licensed veterinary professionals ready to provide online pet care through video, chat and voice-enabled appointments twenty-four hours a day. You can search for a vet or vet tech online and have instant access to the vet care your pet needs without worrying about waiting weeks to get an appointment or being forced to leave your pup with strangers.

Why Vetster?

The greatest advantage of using Vetster is convenience and availability. Imagine your pet starts feeling bad in the middle of the night and you are unsure what to do. Vetster gives you an option to talk to an actual Veterinarian before making an unnecessary and costly trip to an emergency ER in the middle of the night.

The great news is that Vetster is NOT just for emergencies – it is great for proactive wellness, chronic care, annual check-ups, follow-up appointments and so much more. Depending on your state regulations, vets on the platform can often prescribe medication and have it delivered right to your door. Approximately half of all states allow telemedicine (prescription and diagnosis) right now with the trend showing more will follow suit! If telemedicine is not available in a state, telehealth (general pet health advice e.g. nutrition, behavior, weight management, puppy/kitten care, etc) can still be provided!

Even though I am primarily a dog mom currently, I have owned a variety of critters over the years and Vetster can help with most of your pets!

Here are common issues that Vetster can address:

  • Behavioral concerns, aggression, litter box issues
  • Skin issues such as rashes, itchiness, and redness
  • Minor cuts and wounds
  • Dietary concerns, weight loss, nutritional advice
  • Gastrointestinal, vomiting, and diarrhea
  • Puppy and kitten wellness and training
  • General pet health and wellness concerns

What do people think of Vetster?

Although I have been blessed to have healthy pets since learning about Vetster, I would not hesitate to utilize this service with my own pack! I have absolutely loved the Tele-doc service my insurance covers for minor medical needs, I have no doubt I will be creating some virtual appointments with Vetster in the near future!

As a dog mom of 13, I appreciate any company that is going to put the health of my pet first! I am thankful to have Vetster as an option. It gives me peace of mind knowing that if I need advice or vet care, it is just a click away.

How about you? Have you tried Vetster?