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Vetster Wellness is your virtual pet health care concierge. A wellness appointment connects you to a member of our licensed veterinary technician team, available to answer your pet care questions.

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Your pet's health and well being should be top priority, but most people wait until there is a problem before seeking health advice.

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Prioritize your pet’s preventative wellness goals. From optimizing life-stage nutrition to understanding your pet’s daily exercise needs. A Vetster Wellness coach offers your proactive guidance in key areas to keep your pet active and healthy, no matter their stage of life.

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  • Grooming advice
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Frequently asked questions about Vetster Wellness

What is a veterinary technician?
Veterinary technicians are equivalent to human Registered Nurses. The education required is at minimum a two-year college degree with many technicians furthering their training in various veterinary disciplines or species specialties following their basic training. Most US states and Canadian provinces have an independent licensing body for technicians. Vetster technicians are required to maintain their regional license in good standing in order to be a part of our team.
Can a veterinary technician write prescriptions?
Technicians are not able to speak to a diagnosis or prescribe for their patients. Their role to assist the implementation of patient care under the direction of a licensed veterinarian. Prescribing would be considered outside of their scope of practice and is not legally allowed. If you feel your pet may need a prescription or diagnosis, please use Vetster Medical to find a licensed veterinarian.
My pet has a medical concern, is a Vetster Wellness appointment for this?
No, technicians are not able to diagnose or treat medical conditions, this would be an appointment for one of our veterinarians. Use Vetster Medical to find available veterinarians in your area.
How frequently should I book Vetster Wellness appointments?
Since our companions cannot speak and unfortunately, they do age more quickly than we do, regular, twice-yearly check-ins with your Vetster Wellness team can make sure that preventative health conversations are exactly that - preventative care at it’s finest.
If technicians cannot prescribe or diagnose, what type of appointments can they offer?
Veterinary technicians are a wealth of reliable, professional pet care knowledge. From giving guidance on best house training techniques, unbiased insight into pet nutrition, assistance with the selection of the best shampoo to use on your recently “skunked” pet and so much more. With technicians available for appointments 24/7, your google search can connect you with authenticated, professional answers to your questions in minutes, versus internet sources that may be less reliable
Can a technician on Vetster Wellness provide me with end-of-life and palliative care advice?
A veterinary technician can be a valuable resource for you when you are managing palliative care and end of life decisions for your pet. Able to be an objective voice for you, at a difficult time. They can help to provide guidance on comfort and hygiene, as well as support in your decision-making process. Additionally, many of our technicians are also licensed grief support counsellors and can be a resource and support in your personal journey.

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