What does your pet mean to you?

We loooove our pets! We surveyed 1,000 happy Vetster users and veterinarians to find out just how much we all love our pets and the ways they improve our lives.

We also looked at virtual veterinary medicine as a whole, examining how this innovative new platform is changing the face of pet health with information sourced from surveys, studies, and other sources.

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A healthier, happier you

For so many of us, having a pet brings joy, comfort and emotional support — something we could all use a little more of, especially in this last year.

Vetster pet owners

Pure pet bliss

100% of respondents said their pet makes them happier

Less stress

71% say having pets reduces stress levels

Paw-sitive vibes only

65% feel that their pet has improved their mental health

Fun fact

Over half of millennial pet owners buy their pets a gift at least once a month! (Fortunly)

Pets in the time of pandemic

In the last year, our lives drastically changed. For most, that meant spending the bulk of our time at home . Luckily, many saw this as a fantastic opportunity to welcome a new, furry family member into their lives (and hearts).

About time

72% say the pandemic was the excuse they needed to get a pet (Money.com)

There fur you

86% say their pets provided emotional support during the pandemic.


37% brought home pets from a shelter (Money.com)

Love lockdown

67% felt that all that extra time at home was the reason behind why more people chose to adopt during the pandemic (Money.com)

A more active lifestyle

Almost 50% of people say they now walk their dogs even more than before 2020! (Money.com)

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Vetster sleeping cat

The SPCA Los Angeles reports that adoptions doubled last June, with 10 or 13 dog adoptions a day.

Source: “Dog adoptions and sales soar during the pandemic,” Washington Post on August 12, 2020

Thoughts on veterinary telemedicine

"Pets and pet spending during the pandemic," A Money Report

While the pandemic upended our lives, many turned to the convenience of veterinary telemedicine, especially given countrywide stay-at-home orders.

Vetster telehealth appointment

83% of Vetster partners believe virtual telemedicine has a positive impact on the vet industry

88% of Vetster veterinary partners agree that virtual pet care benefits the pet, pet parent, and vet

Virtual pet care app downloads increased by about 40% in March 2020 (Fortune)

Changing the game: About 20% more vets have turned to the convenience of virtual pet care since last year. (Fortune)

Refer a fur-end: 94% said they’d recommend Vetster’s services to a fellow pet parent

What vets said

88% of Vetster veterinary telemedicine providers say they’re providing quality care and advice via pet medicine.

“Telehealth can help alleviate some of the pressures on brick and mortar practices by helping people get ‘seen’ for basic things that may not necessarily need to go in for.” - Dr. Jennifer LoVullo

“Every client I've booked through telemedicine has been so thankful for my help!” - Dr. Renee Fleming, Guelph Animal Hospital

“[Veterinary telemedicine] provides access for those who can’t book an in-person appointment. Especially right now where veterinary practices (both general practices and emergency hospitals) are overbooked and stretched thin. It’s an avenue to receive pet care for those without transportation, or who have nervous or aggressive pets that do not do well at the hospital.” - Dr. Ashly Smith, Banfield Pet Hospital

Vetster telehealth communication

Overall, what’s the main benefit of being a pet owner?

Photo of a dog
100% I'm happier
77% Reduces stress
50% More exercise
100% Companionship
57% More time outdoors
86% Less lonely

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