Monica Rosati
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Dr. Monica Rosati


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  • Veterinarian, DVM, DVSc, Dip ACVAA
À propos du vétérinaire

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always had a passion for the love of animals and wanted to become a veterinarian. I graduated from the DVM program at the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph in 2001. Following my academic studies, I completed a one-year small animal medicine and surgery internship at Rowley Memorial Animal Hospital in Springfield, Massachusetts. This intense, challenging, concentrated year prepared me for a variety of cases and introduced me to the diverse sub-specialties of veterinary medicine. Following the internship, I practiced small animal medicine in upstate New York before returning to the OVC for a three-year residency in veterinary anesthesia, with board certification in 2009. The residency exposed me to countless clinical situations and how to best manage and trouble shoot anesthetic cases.

Veterinary anesthesiologists have been a relatively recent addition to the private practice sector. Whether you are a pet owner or veterinarian, this interactive appointment can help explain common anesthetic risks for your particular pet / patient. For the owner, I can answer specific anesthetic related questions prior to their pets procedure. For the veterinarian, I can provide pre-anesthetic recommendations, specific anesthetic protocols for a variety of conditions and procedures as well as equipment related troubleshooting issues.

With privileged client expectations and the vital link between the human-animal bond, this specialty plays an important role in the delivery of safe anesthesia to our pet family members.

  • Guelph, ON, CA
Langues parler
  • English
Espèces traitées
  • Chiens (Canin)
  • Chats (Féline)
Centres d'intérêt
  • Anesthésie
  • Cardiologie
  • Ontario, CA
  • Consulter sur l'alimentation, la nutrition et l'exercice
  • Consulter sur la santé et le bien-être en général
  • Consulter sur les soucis de comportement
  • Conseiller sur la nutrition du nouveau bébé à l'animal de compagnie senior
  • Optimiser votre nouvelle expérience de chiot ou de chaton
  • Trucs et astuces sur les techniques de toilettage
  • Entraînement, formation de maison et formation de boîtes pour les animaux de compagnie

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