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Pet-friendly workplaces have a competitive advantage

Pets play a crucial role in your employees' lives; which is why certifying as a pet-friendly workplace has so many advantages.

Attract & retain top talent

A pet-friendly workplace boosts retention and makes your company more attractive to potential employees.

Enhance your company image

Pet-friendly employers are seen as progressive, compassionate, and employee-centric.

Improve employee wellness

Strengthen employee satisfaction and well-being by reducing stress, encouraging physical activity, and improving overall wellness.

Foster a positive work environment

A pet-friendly workplace culture encourages positive employee relationships and creates a relaxed, enjoyable environment.

Gain a competitive advantage

Offering unique benefits like pet-friendly policies can give your company a competitive edge in attracting top talent.

Support diversity & inclusion

Recognizing and accommodating the needs of pet owners can be part of a broader diversity and inclusion strategy.

Hear what other Pet Friendly Workplace™ leaders have to say

At TribalScale, our culture embraces diversity, fosters inclusivity, and champions flexibility in all aspects of our remote-first environment. Recognizing that our employees’ pets are integral parts of their lives, we proudly extend our cultural ethos to include them. Pets aren’t just companions; they’re valued members of our extended TribalScale family. By nurturing a pet-inclusive culture, we not only enhance the well-being of our employees but also strengthen the fabric of our global community, because when every member feels seen, heard, and supported, we all thrive together.
Nicola Watson
HR Manager
Creating a pet-friendly office can be very rewarding, benefiting the mental health and morale of both employees and their furry friends. Spot’s office culture revolves around many puppy playdates. By establishing clear policies and guidelines, I encourage other businesses to create a happy and productive work environment that embraces the presence of pets.
Scott Taylor
Spot Pet Insurance

Why Pets are Good for Your Business

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Becoming a Pet Friendly Workplace™ is easy

A Pet Friendly Workplace™ considers the needs of their employees and their pets across the physical and virtual spaces we occupy while at work, at home and at play.

Certified companies demonstrate their thoughtful approach to four key areas of consideration:

Pet-friendly workplace policies

  • Pet policies developed and incorporated into employee handbook
  • Flex work culture to support animal care

Pet-friendly culture

  • Foster pet-friendly environments
  • Communications to connect pet owners
  • Company events and community work

Dog-friendly offices

  • Health and safety protocols
  • Documented onboarding programs
  • Employee training

Pet-friendly... Benefits!

  • Pet-inclusive rewards and perks
  • Pet health solutions
  • Pet health spending accounts



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