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National Pet Day Off

April 11, 2023

Join the movement

National Pet Day Off recognizes the important role pets play in our lives. They give us joy, companionship, routine, and improved mental health. Join other forward-thinking individuals who have committed to participating in National Pet Day Off! Spread the word to show much you care and how much you value your furry family members.

Past companies involved

Why should your company join the pledge?

  • Be a part of creating real cultural shifts at work.
  • Center the conversation at work around wellbeing and family of all sizes and species.
  • Show your passion for pets.

Family structures are evolving


Of North American households have at least one pet*


More millennials own a pet than have a child*


Pet parents reporting their pet improved their mental health*

What is Vetster?

What is Vetster?

We love pets so much we created a telehealth platform to make seeing a vet easier. Vetster connects you to thousands of licensed vets for virtual visits on demand. Vetster accounts are free to create, and you can choose a vet based on your area, budget, and schedule. It's never been easier to see a vet.