Pet Day
April 11, 2024
National Pet Day takes place every year on April 11. Our pets do so much for us every day of the year, the world decided to dedicate an entire day to celebrating the joy and companionship that pets bring into our lives!
Pets make people happier!
The goal of National Pet Day is to celebrate and bring awareness to the special bond between humans and their pets.
Pets reduce stress!
Although dogs and cats are the most popular pets, National Pet Day is for all the animals that keep us happy and healthy—even snakes and spiders.
Pets improve our mental health!
Knowing how much people benefit from having a pet, Colleen Paige, a U.S. based animal welfare advocate and pet expert, founded National Pet Day in 2006 and it is now celebrated in over 10 countries worldwide including Ireland, the UK, Italy, Spain, and Australia.
*Source: Vetster survey of 1,000 pet parents


3 Ways to Celebrate Your Pet this National Pet Day

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