Managing Prescriptions on Vetster (Canadian Veterinarians)

Managing Prescriptions on Vetster (Canadian Veterinarians) - Vetster

Should you be licensed in a virtual VCPR compliant Province, there is the possibility that you may wish to prescribe for your patient following the appointment. We are just a few weeks away from streamlining this process within the platform, but until that time, we wanted to share a few tips for success in making this as smooth as possible for both you and your client. As you know, there are different ways to get a prescription filled - here is a summary of what we are finding to be the most effective routes at this time.

Human Pharmacy

If the prescription can be filled through a human pharmacy, and the pet owner can be responsible for picking it up themselves, this is the ideal situation for urgent medications. Please confirm the contact information for the client’s pharmacy of choice while you are on the call with the client (consider a google search during the appointment to confirm). Following the completion of your appointment, the most efficient route is to call (or email the prescription) for the client to pick up at their convenience. Once you complete the Rx template within the platform, you will have visibility to the owner’s contact information that you will require for the pharmacy. If you choose to email the prescription, your contact information will be visible to the pharmacist for follow up, if required.

Your Affiliated Veterinary Practice

Seeing that you practice in a province that permits a virtual VCPR establishment, you must be affiliated with an accredited Veterinary Practice to comply with provincial regulations (except in Quebec). This being the case, once you have established the VCPR via virtual means, you are now able to dispense medication from your practice to that client. If this is a geographically accessible option for the client, then this is a good choice for veterinary labelled products not available from a human pharmacy. In Quebec, and Alberta, veterinary practices ARE allowed to prescribe medications via a prescription from a non-affiliated veterinarian, therefore, a prescription could be sent to the client’s regular veterinary practice, or local ER, to be filled in these areas.

Additional Prescribing Considerations

At the completion of your Vetster appointment, if a prescription has been issued, we ask that you clearly communicate the next steps to the pet owner required by them, or yourself, to ensure fulfillment is as straightforward as we can make it at this time.

Know that you do not want to be emailing the prescription pad PDF to the client for multiple reasons; it contains your personal contact information (necessary for a pharmacy to be able to contact you for verification of the script if needed), you will be sharing your email contact with the client and importantly, a downloaded prescription cannot be filled by a pharmacist if presented by a client.

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