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  • Urinary problems
  • Skin/ear infections
  • Mobility concerns
  • Eye issues
  • Behaviour consults
  • Trauma/injury triage
  • Toxin ingestion
  • ... And much more!
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Frequently asked questions about Vetster Medical

What is the VCPR and why does it matter to me?
Veterinary Client Patient Relationship (VCPR) is a cornerstone piece of veterinary regulation. This relationship is defined as the agreement between a Veterinarian and a pet owner for the delivery of veterinary medical care and services. The method for the establishment of this relationship is defined differently across state and provincial regulatory bodies in North America. Over 50% of American states and Canadian provinces, legislation permits a Veterinarian to establish this relationship via a virtual means. Thereby, permitting the Veterinarian to practice telemedicine - the definition of which allows them to potentially speak to a diagnosis of a patient following evaluation, and prescribe, if deemed appropriate.
Can the Veterinarian provide me a prescription for my pet?
Over 50% of American states and Canadian provinces have legislation that does permit a veterinarian, at their discretion, to provide prescription medications to the patients that they assess via telemedicine. Please see our FAQ regarding the VCPR for further information on the geographical locations where prescribing is permitted. Veterinarians on our platform are NOT able to provide prescriptions for narcotic or controlled substances, irrespective of their geographical regulations.
How do you I get my prescription filled?
Currently, following your appointment should the Veterinarian have provided you with a prescription, it can be filled via various means. For many medications, a prescription can be sent to your local human pharmacy, for you to collect. Additionally, we are able to work with online pharmacies to provide prescriptions for home delivery. We anticipate early in 2021, to have completed a partnership with our own prescription fulfillment center. Once completed, the ordering and home delivery of prescriptions will be performed seamlessly through your Vetster account in conjunction with your appointment.
I am in a state/province that does not allow telemedicine. What kind of appointment can a Veterinarian help me with?
In geographical locations where regulatory restrictions do not permit the establishment of a VCPR via virtual means, veterinarians are able to provide pet owners with virtual advice (more commonly referred to as telehealth, and teletriage). Consultations of these type are very valuable for discussions surrounding preventative health care planning for your pet and can speak to providing you with a second opinion on your pets health concerns. Although unable to provide prescriptions, teletriage advice can be of assistance to seek peace of mind in acute situations, as well decision making around the need for an in-clinic visit, or not, and assist in evaluation of the urgency of such a visit.
Can a Vetster Veterinarian provide a prescription diet Rx?
Yes, like prescription medications, Vetster veterinarians can provide the necessary recommendations and documentation required for purchasing prescription, veterinary diets. Working with online retailers (and our own provider in early 2021) we can ensure that prescription and home delivery will be a seamless process through our website.