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Redeem coupon for free consultation

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Find your reason to celebrate with a free health and wellness checkup for your pet!

Health & wellness consultation topics

Consult on a wide variety of health & wellness topics with a licensed veterinary technician.

Diet & nutrition
Not all pet foods are created equal, but you already know this seeing as you are a Pet Plate subscriber! Our techs can speak to further your knowledge on making appropriate life stage nutrition, supplement and treat suggestions for your pet.
Lifestyle coaching
Is your furry feline a little “fluffy” is your pup a little “chunky”? Perhaps your pet is a healthy weight and you want to ensure they stay slim & trim. Our techs can help you optimize your pets daily nutrition and exercise routine.
Training & behaviour advice
Has the pandemic found your house a little fuller with a new puppy or kitten? Speak with our techs to get advice on everything new pet wise; from introducing your new pet to the family to potty training, nail trimming, tooth brushing and more!
Care of senior pets
Is Fido starting to slow down as he gets older? Speak with our techs to get guidance on optimal management for your aging pet to ensure their best quality of life in the golden years.
Preventative health care
Our techs can help you navigate vaccination guidelines, optimal parasite prevention protocols, information on spaying & neutering your pet and more. While our techs cannot prescribe (that's a job for our Vets), they can inform you on your options.
And much more!
Licensed veterinary technicians are passionate about animals and are standing by to consult with you and your pet.

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Redeem coupon for free consultation

Frequently asked questions about the PetPlate promotion

Is this really 100% free?
You bet! You would have received a single use coupon code from PetPlate that can redeemed for a free consultation with one of our registered veterinary technicians!
How do I find a technician to book?
Use our search engine! Make sure it says "Veterinary Technician" under their name on the search result - your coupon code will only work for health and wellness appointments with a tech.
How do I get a coupon code for a free consultation?
Promo codes are distributed to select new and existing PetPlate subscribers. If you are not already receiving top quality, fresh cooked dog food from PetPlate, learn more and subscribe
How do I redeem my coupon?
Simply find a technician in our search and choose an available timeslot. Continue to checkout, which will also guide you through creating an account on Vetster. When prompted on the checkout, enter your coupon code.
Do I need to enter a credit card?
Yes. By providing a telehealth consultation with a licensed veterinary technician, we're required to collect a valid credit card number and billing address for regulation purposes. Don't worry, we will not charge anything to your card when using a PetPlate coupon code.

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